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  • dont_sell_yet dont_sell_yet Jul 28, 2003 11:45 AM Flag

    To all - Sorry for the OT posts....

    Sorry for the OT posts...these are tough days for us in Israel. Thanks for understanding.
    I won't be posting such posts (well, at least for a while...LOL).

    Great day for MAGS!
    Strong Buy, IMHO.


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    • Don't apologize to me -- I don't know of any other board that (agree or disagree) offers such honesty - as opposed to rhetoric, propaganda and the like.

      Why didn't I buy Friday? Day late and dollars short -- oh well.

    • Not at all. I am very interested to hear what is going on in Israel. Please explain what you were trying to convey, it was very confusing. Thank you, Cami

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      • Well, it probably sounded confusing because it IS very confusing and not at all simple. I appreciate the fact that you found interest in some of what I wrote, but am also sure that many out there were just holding themselves back in order not to shout at me to shut the *uck up and stop writing what appears to them as complete nonsense. I do not think that this message board is the best place to conduct a serious debate over the issues at stake...they are very complicated, and there are so many manipulations and underlying motives for recent developments in the ME, and the situation in Israel is so damn crazy, that it would be very difficult to explain, or even begin to explain, in such a forum. I think that Tomer would agree with me on that. I decided to reply to WHNO as I did, since I know she holds quite similar beliefs to those which I have, and know she has good background on these issues. You see, I have noticed her many posts on Yahoo's political boards in the far past (surprise, surprise, whno...somebody's been following ya :-)) I never wanted to cause a big argument here!

        This is a good day for MAGS and I would be more than glad to return the board to the hands of those who have something to add on stock related matters.

        All the best,


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