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  • pilgrim19692000 pilgrim19692000 Apr 1, 2004 11:14 PM Flag


    I trade minute to minute, day to day, moment to moment...the best day(s) I've made $20,000 and the worst day(s) I've lost $10,000. I play for keeps BUT only on GOOD STOCKS. If I'm going to be a bagholder(a daytrader stuck in a losing position)then, it better be a GOOD STOCK. I listen to all positions and evaluate.

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    • That's the key: Good stocks. I got in yesterday in the low 20's. I can afford to be patient. With the election coming security will definitely stay in the spotlight. A bagholder in a good stock is a short termer, I suppose.
      sail on

    • Likewise. I bought and sold MAGS 4K at a whack four times today. Everyone here keeps on talking about shorts this and shorts that, BS, there is no SI, and what little there is are 100 and 200 share dime store millionaires. For those permanently long, you will do just fine. Like TASR, you better get used to 2 to 8 point swings, even at this low level. Look at your daily chart and see if you think you could have made anything today swing trading. Of my 4 trades, I made a little over 3 grand. A fair profit (before IRS) for just one equity. And I did real well with 6k shares of FLML when it took off. Did better on that, 5,400 US dollars. So just relax, and let us have some fun here.
      Gary Indiana

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