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Magal Security Systems (MAGS) Message Board

  • wallstret1 wallstret1 Apr 4, 2004 12:22 PM Flag

    Prof. info. or just wild speculation?

    Hi Boards,

    First time poster. I've been watching these boards for a few days as I have a sizable position in MAGS. I was a prof. trader for a firm from 1995-2001 and then retired. Made a killing in the internet bubble and I have sat back until now. Lately I was intrigued by the excitement in the "terrorist" industry. So I jumped back in, thus, my sizable position in MAGS. It's the first one I've taken in 2 years and first time I don't have access to the great info I had at my old firm. So I started watching these boards to see if I can glean anything from other guys & gals involved in the stock.

    To be quite honest, most of the stuff I see here sounds very raw at best, however, some info sounds like it is more prof. than others.

    One of the better ones I've seen was about JEF getting an analyst on the stock. That one is right on the money. I do not know if it is true, but an analyst on the stock from a reliable firm is critical to send this stock into orbit. I have alot of other thoughts about all this, but I am rambling. I just wanted to know, is any of this info posted here coming from a good professional source and even somewhat reliable? Or is it basically a bunch of longs juicing the stock? And if any of it is reliable, who's the big kahuna on these boards? Also, if any of you are from the professional side of this business please let me know, I would love to see what good points you can add to all of this.

    I wanted to thank all of the people though who have posted very helpful news clips that I had not seen yet.


    PS Without getting into details....even if you choose not to long the not listen to the one or two shorts guys on these boards. It's a potential suicide and for what? a possible 2-3 dollar profit? Where is the sense in that?

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    • Michael
      Do you have a price target and time frame for this stock? I expect this industry to be in the spotlight when the election gets in full swing after the conventions. MAGS should benefit from this IMO.

      P.S. Wolf is a better conversationalist than stock picker IMO. His levity is somewhat amusing; he should've been a sit-com writer.

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      • Hi Harry,

        I don't want to just repeat stuff I've seen here on these posts already. I agree with some of the more lucid ones. I saw a couple of posts of 40 by May 1st....I would say that is feasible, but I do not think so. 40 is definitely coming but unless they anounce a contract before earnings you're going to need the early May earnings to be solid to move this into the 30-40 range....otherwise it will linger here, which is what I expect, bet. 18-25. However, I can guarantee you, that if there is any serious correction, it is short-term and only shorts. The float is in very strong hands...and while I expect weaker hands to sell out on a drop....the brunt of the float has no intentions of selling anytime soon. Your very good point about the elections is just one of the reasons there are no serious sellers. With the inevitable talk of terrorism potential leaading to the elections, i.e. spain....experienced investors intend on selling now, 4 months ahead of that.....right? Even better, short it now, right? OK, whatever. So, think 4-6 months and at least 40-60. Anything else is just an additional extra blessing from the good Lord.

    • Welcome Michael. We need some inteligent conversation on this board. We have too few, but paranoid shorts, who think this stock will buy their million dollar homes. Actually I welcome more shorts to short this stock. The only bad thing about this stock is it doesn't have enough shorts. I have been here since $11 bucks and holding and adding as we go up. So, I am not too worried about what they say, but as their postings increase, I know this baby will go up! So, be happy and make money. Welcome again.

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      • If you own MAGS as an investment (not as a trade),you know that after the recent move from approx. 9 some consolidation is normal and healthy. The case for MAGS is simple and clear, a strong stock in a strong group,with good sales growth AND thin float AND low valuation. At 20 per share the total capitalization of the company is approx.160MM (7.9 MM shares outstanding) which is about 2.6 times sales. High tech stocks with growth rate of 20 to 50% may trade 5 to 10 times sales. At only 4 times sales we'll have 30 per share. The icing on the MAGS' cacke is the potential for a buy out and of course coverage that logically should happen soon. No one knows where the stock will be tomorrow or the next day and I am not saying it will be at 30 or bought out tomorrow but if you are an investor you look at your investment long term. The shorts on the stock are entitled to their opinion , after all is their money that can disappear, as usual they will do anything to scare the longs out of their positions but the risk reward ratio for MAGS at current level in my opinion is strongly in favor of longs.Unfortunately we live in a cazy world and in crazy times and MAGS products are in much demand and will stay in demands for many years to come.Best to all. (IMHO, Long MAGS, dDo your own DD).

      • Thank you Mr. something1963, (how in the world do you pronounce that?)

        I sadly started buying shares only @ 14 :-(! However, as you, I have been adding on the way up, but wish I had created a more stable base. If it weakens, it'll give me that chance. Good point about the shorts. In 1999 I used to know a few shorts myself, poor While I am sure they're not knows the trend is your friend....especially in the hottest industry....with a 2.2 million share float. Anyway, with time, if this board provides some good feedback I'll make some more posts about some important observations.

        Here is just one teaser....maybe others know this as well.....but I know who was selling on Friday and while I can't be certain that he is done selling.....I am pretty certain I know what his position was and in the last 10 minutes on Friday he dropped alot of it and then went away.


      • Correct about not enough short base to move stocks up, the most necessary requirement for momentum these days. Would be great if company had more press releases, TV appearances etc - more pump. But according to one link, MAGS finished down 7% in Israel so profit taking ST will take it down.

    • No KAHUNA'S here pal.... A retired profesional,,I like that... Sounds more like the firm fired you when you bought the internet bubble and forced you into hiding for a few years until the stink wore off.. Do not listen to the shorts, that's another dead give away....... Only thing you said that made sense was this thing needs coverage but, any fool knows that. Since it does not and will not for the foreseable future, if you were a pro at one time, you would then know, no where but DOWN........Does any of that sound familar??? WELCOME back to the STREET pal.


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      • Thanks for the welcome Sir Wolf.

        I had a funny feeling I'd hear some nice welcoming remarks from the shorts on these boards. And since you seem to be the most avid short, why not you? Anyway, while I do not care less if you believe my life's history or not, I can say I know alot more about this stock than I'm letting on. This "fake" pro never gives away info before getting some good info in return. And no, I do not mean any "inside" info....thank you. Just know where to look where no one else is quite looking yet. Anyway, I posted that tidbit about the shorts as a public service to those who were short. I suppose you might get a 2-3 profit, I even said that in my first post. However, if you get 1-2 weeks of weakness I would count my blessings and cover. If you do not, well, my conscience at least will be clear.

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