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  • greenspondollar greenspondollar Apr 6, 2004 5:49 PM Flag


    MAGS wont be getting homeland security contracts, MAGS is an israel. American companies are getting homeland security contracts. MAGS will get money from europe and ISRAEL. MAGS p/e is being too full, compared to other security stocks. the stock has been running up on political fears. First the Hamas assaisination and now expects of passover retaliation. The stock has more than discounted the affect of the security attack. My suggestion is go to CDCY. CDCY is cheap, has earnings, and is in America.

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    • My TA says MAGS, CDCY, and TBUS for the past 6 trading days. I own the first two. Do not diverse too much unless you find a real gem like MAGS or CDCY.

    • Dear Wolf,

      Although you seem to be a nice guy, but it seems that the LION is turning you into a little lamb!! You were warned many tomes here and you kept trying to scare longs in MAGS but now see where you are. It is still not too late to avert a disaster, you know that the losses for a short position can get larger and larger until they call you! No matter how good you are , the markets have a way of humbling you. See the shadow that's approaching you?? It's the LION!!!! You know what LIONS do to lambs???? (LOL).Many Blessings.

    • You dumb fucker ----- they have large braches in California and Canada. Those offices produce jobs and are cycled with American money yeilding American returns. Exactly wouldn't they get an American contract.

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