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  • outdoorsman38852 outdoorsman38852 Apr 8, 2004 9:23 PM Flag

    HOOWWWLLLL!!!!! >>>>>

    Hey fellows,

    Great going today!!!! Ol'Wolfie just looked out'a the den and saw a bright shooting star in the sky and I just knew it was YA'LL...CONGRATS FELLOWS!!!! I really hope to see'ya soon...I've been busy here of late on the XMSR board but, I shall return or I at least hope too ;).


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    • You wolf has a lamb's disposition, why don't you stop pretending to be the wolf. Otherwise, no mercy! Chop chop


      Yep, But only for the momment... I could have gone long that fatefull day but, a Wolf cannot.. It's in my bloodline to remain pure to my ancestors and only chase the runners back to where they belong..HHOOOWWWWLLLLLL!!!
      Full moon a risen boys!!!


      PS, Glad ya enjoy Wolfie's post, Fun, making $$ and courting Lil'Red Riding Hood are what lifes all about!!;)

    • What trap Orange,

      Told ya I covered friday before last and am now stalking from the safety of my forest.. I merely jump out for a vicious bite and then, return with my sack to the den...A wolf never gets greedy and will occasionally let one run free as I have this one..I'll watch this one untill she's thru grazing and has become VERY FAT and then CHOMP CHOMP!! lol


    • It works both ways. In MAGS it works for shorts. We've got bear traps everywhere, at 38, 42, 48, 50, all the way to 3,000. Watch your steps very carefully. Just as you turn around or get distracted by another stock, we've got your other leg.

    • LOL!!! You just described how long buying works!!!lol I like the story but, the bear is wolfs friend...The Wolf never licks anything that can hurt demonstrated friday before last...


    • Wolf you are still a fucking idiot. You are still a piece of shit shorting, bashing, short timer. This guys knows nothing about this stock. He just follows it to new highs the shorts. He is the "smart guy" I was referring to my in earlier posts. He is a temporary fixture and I will enjoy rolling right over your ass next week.

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      • Noob,noob,noob,

        I see your still upset about Ol'Wolf taking a bite out'a MAGS friday before last...TISK,TISK,TISK... True, Ol'Wolfie does follow her to many new highs, just waiting in the safety of my forest for when this beast gets tired is all... Smart guy??, nah. Smart like a Wolf,,YES!!! As far as being a fixture, Oh well,we'll see soon I hope..And, as far as trying to 'roll over my tail,,you had your chance when I was short that day.. I'll try hopefully in the next coming weeks to run in front of your steam roller for ya...But, watch out for the tree's lol... And one last thing, please,please,,clean up that nasty mouth of yours..GEESH!!! The ladies could be reading that stuff...


    • Wolfie...

      Thanks for showing some class, wish you well in your investments and in life.

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