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  • mrharrynutz2004 mrharrynutz2004 Apr 9, 2004 10:38 AM Flag

    You people and your valuation

    arguments need to get a clue. Between TASR and MAGS which would you rather be a midcap: A one trick pony or an international company with a record?
    TASR is a mere fad, a passing fancy IMO. Once product liabilities and Asian imitators slash whatever pathetic profit margins they have, they're history. Some of you are saying MAGS should be a 500mil company, hellooooo! MAGS should be a 2bil company. How much should we pay for security? Look at how much damage a single terrorist episode like the bombings in Spain do to an economy. In my book protecting airports, railroads, and military bases is far more imortant than worrying about using lethal force on some idiot. This stock has far more potential than TASR ever will have.
    I will continue this rant unitl it's driven home. Understand!?
    Harry N
    P.S. Shorts are welcome, the stupider the better.

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    • How many rounds of the TASR guns are fired every day? I still don't understand why law enforcement don't just buy some bb guns instead.

      • 2 Replies to gibbon_orange
      • This is a wonderful company becoming highly visible in an era which will certainly utilize their products but...............don't try to rationalize a run-up from 9.84 to almost 40.00 in three and one half weeks. It's a terrific company with terrific products but I mean c'mon. It's up from 20.75 to 37.96 in 4 days. You think that's about PE's, valuation, forward guidance,etc.? It did 14 mil. in volume yesterday. It did 6.6 mil. wednesday. Prior to that it had never done more than 4.4 mil. You think that's about people discovering it?............It's the daytraders people. The daytraders are making gobs of money off this stock. Maybe up until Wednesday it was about security systems, terrororism and all that but the last two days have been 100 percent about daytraders toying with a stock that has gone beyond mere momentum. There's quality, momentum, " the right time", and all that but c'mon, get real. A rise from 24.88 to 37.96 in two days without any recent news,earnings,etc. C'mon. { You say, what about IPIX......IPIX didn't go up at all Tues. and Wed.} The last couple days. Nah. That's been 100% about daytraders which is fine but lets call a spade a spade. When will this retrace a bit? When the deep pocketed daytraders decide it will. Will it go up Monday? Probably. The daytraders will make that decision Monday when they get back from their cottages in the Hamptons............Valuations? PE's? Potential?......All there with this terrific company but just don't insult my intelligence.

      • Gibbon
        I don't get TASR either. If it was 1,000 rounds at $100 a pop it would only be $100k a day or 36.5 mil/year. Where's the future that?
        The TASR crowd needs to learn arithmetic IMO.
        Harry N

    • Right said !!!

      MAGS has more potential than TASR...

    • Is there any valuation that's too high for you? 200? 300? 400? This is a $60M company that was trading 30K shares a day just two months ago. Now it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. They've been growing earnings at roughly 30%. Even if the growth rate increases to 50%, they'll make a whopping $.45 this year. Yet people are already mentioning triple digit price. You want to pay 100-200x earnings for a stock, be my guest. This stock went from 5 to 14 in late 2001 on these same terrorism fears (actually much worse then than now), and by 2002 the stock was back down to 4. Momentum works for a while, but eventually there have to be earnings to back up the inflated price.

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