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  • investwhore06 investwhore06 Apr 26, 2004 9:47 PM Flag

    Remember We are Dealing with Jews...

    These guys are just worried about their own pocketbook. I see them setting this up for a blowout. Huge upside sales and profit margin sustainability. Big Earnings number. And mention of a big backlog and potential new contracts.

    Split announcement maybe also.

    Shock value so they can sell their 1 million registered shares at the tip of the spike. Say above $50. Back to $25 in one month.

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    • you mother fucker. trying to call their shots by using racist stereotyping? my cleaning lady wanted 150 to clean my house, and i told her her service was worth 80 at the max. She must be a south of the boarder illegal jew.

      you're on the yahoo message board trying to make a quick dollar. you must be a jew, becuase all they care about is making money, right?

      Have you ever thought that they havn't made any announcements reciently becuase they don't want to hype the price up any more than it already is? They know it's inflated more than it should be.

      The rapid fluctuations are due to speculators like yourself, not the company. They coulda hyped it a whole lot more, and then sold. Insted, they sold under $20, making a modest profit, and not seeming like tyco execs.
      It will go back up becuase of hype, but from the lack of press releases, you can tell the management is very cautious to encourage any more inflation.

      So step off, i give credit to the management.

      But when they release an inevitable contract, watch out, it'll pounce up the chart. Then go back down a bit.

    • <EOM>

    • I hope you are right, but if this was gonna be 50 a month from now would the CEO if he was smart, knowing the numbers (Im sure he does) wait a month and sell his shares for double of what he got for them now?

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      • Good opportunity to pick up some INOW prior to earnings announcement. INOw has a very low float so as little as 100,000 shares can move it 20-30%. So not for the weak of heart. INOW has a forward PE of 12 and a PEG of 1.2.

        Almost a no-brainer with expected good earnings on Wed.


      • A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush....for the time being....

        These insiders have tons of stock....and they do sell from time to time as all do.....I just wish there was a limit as to how many shares could be sold each week, month and year.....and that investors could be notified at least three days prior to their selling any.....

        This insider selling in many stocks has hurt many....and it hits one blindsided....and below the belt.....

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