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  • zforce1954 zforce1954 Apr 27, 2004 6:46 PM Flag


    For all of you attempting to analyze MAGS potential purely on technical data, let me recommend a book called FORGED IN FURY by Michael Elkins. It goes into depth about the formation of what is now Israel in the aftermath of WWII. Here is a paragraph about preparations for British withdrawl from Palestine in late 1947:

    "The regular armies of five Arab nations were mobilized on the borders of the Jewish territory, awaiting only the withdrawl of the British before launching the invasion which the Arab League had pledged would end with 'the extermination of the Jews'."

    It goes on to describe how technology and strategy won the day over grotesquely superior numbers. The Israelis live inside a protected perimeter 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. They are bred to this technology. Eternal vigilance isn't just a business they go home from at the end of the day. They live and breathe it their every day of their entire lives. They are uniquely bred to this business. To try and judge them through the same criteria we use to analyze traditional U.S. companies leaves out what I consider one of the key factors in their favor.

    Bear in mind that this is the most successful company in this business in a country where their very lives depend on doing it well. That's something I'm willing to invest in....

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    • great post, I agree. I was able to visit Isreal 7 years ago for busienss and it is a wonderful place to visit. Having representatives from Isreal I was able to learn a bit about the people. They are very intelligent and very creative in nature.

      I think MAGS is a winner

    • I hope you didn't invest the farm.

    • Hope you read my previous post. And BTW, you're talking here to one who experienced all that you've been reading about.

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      • And from everything I've read about the survivors of 'all that''s a classic example of "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger."

        I did read your previous post...and I too hope with all my heart that I'm correct about MAGS. While I understand that the puny bashers on this and other boards have no real effect on the performance of a stock where big institutions are involved, it still saddens me that there are so many who would lie and deceive in the attempt to undermine the value of a company artifically just to make a profit. It doesn't matter to them that people are working and striving to build something. They're just parasites, who feed off the work of others to survive....kind of like the e-coli that inhabit our intestines. As long as you don't swallow their 'shit'....your portfolio should stay healthy.... :)

      • Sirmick69: In that case I apologise to you for intimating that you had inside info but wouldn't post the source. I always find that suspicious. Or are there two Simricks?
        Anyway, I'm glad for your survival!
        Are you still in Israel?

    • Let me recommend another book along the same lines: O Jerusalem by Dominque LaPierre and Larry Collins. Before the five Arab nations invaded the Israeli army didn't even have rifles or bullets. They had to be smuggled in in pieces, they were then assembled, and the Haganah won this war even though the odds were insurrmountable. Incidently, not even a spring or mechanism was lost, all rifle pieces arrived. Why the secrecy? The Brits would not allow the Haganah equipment necessary to fight a war. Also ship loads of Holocost victims were turned away.
      . Ehud Avriel was the one in charge of the clandestine shipment of arms. A good friend of mine lived in Jerusalem during the 48 war and the bullets that lodged in his house shot out of ARab rifles were British!
      I would say tha G-d was with them. Again in 67 and again in 73 during the Yom Kippur War.
      America should be strongly pro-Israel. Look what happened to the Empire on whom the sun never set?

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      • I'm not sure what you mean by "America should be strongly pro-Israel. Look what happened to the Empire on whom the sun never set?"
        Could you tell me a little more?

      • A little more insight on "the empire on whom the sun never set."...and why I'll never invest in any company owned and run by Brits. The company that downsized me out last year was owned by Swedes when I was hired. The Swedes sold us to the Germans...who eventually sold us to the English. Over the course of 15 years I had survived numerous reorganizations and maybe a dozen 'bungee bosses' as they were hired and then sent packing with obscene payoffs as a reward for gross incompetence. The Brits, however, proved to live up to every stereotype the movies ever propagated. They hired a self-important, no-talent buffoon to manage the colonies (that'd be us)...with no sensitivity for the local culture and no understanding of the local market. In colonial times, he would have ended up with his head mounted on a pike in front of some chieftan's hut...but in these civilized times he was allowed to run off the best talent and run the company into the ground with no fear of retribution. In typical British fashion, they then eliminated local managers....who understand the local market and it's customers...from much of the decision making about policy, setting many of the local efforts back years and undermining the ability of the local troops to keep order in the marketplace.

        I had thought this version of 'British Rule' was an exaggeration.....but after living under it for awhile, I fully understand why the British Empire was reduced to the silly little remnant that exists today. They DO, however, export tremendous entertainment...Monty Python, The Beatles, they aren't TOTALLY useless!!! :)

    • nice post long strong good luck.

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