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  • mcmurfee mcmurfee May 18, 2004 5:33 PM Flag


    You have something to protect from terrorists. Or maybe international criminals. Who you gonna call? Joe Hairspray down the street or an Israeli Company that deals with
    Terrorists, death, blood, criminal types every gdam day in the most dangerous part of the world sans Camdem NJ? I pick MAGS!!! Thats why I own it! REAL SIMPLE!!

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    • Sorry bout the dig on Camdem only kidding(its getting better).

    • I'm glad you said to be realistic, because that's what I am a realist. There is a reason for the downtrend in all the security sector.

      For Mags it's very simple.

      "Revenues for the first quarter of 2004 reached US$14.2 million, an increase of 11 percent compared with the first quarter of 2003.

      Compared with the fourth quarter of 2003, revenues decreased by 20 percent."

      This is from the earnings release on the last quarter. Note a revenue decrease of 20 percent from the last quarter. That's substantial. That's when the stock price dropped from $25 to $14. That tells me the street did not like the revenue drop.

      That accounts for the drop. I'm a momentum investor. I could care less what happened to the stock. I care about what's going to happen. I'll buy if it's going up, and I'll sell if it's going down.

      This stock needs news to move it otherwise it will drift down. My hunch is there will not be any good news near term since this company has been in business a long time. If the recent turmoil around the world has not increased revenue nothing will.

      For those with blinders on the CEO even said so with the latest earnings. No new contracts, and pipeline years away. Insider sales tell the rest of the story.

      But you know what all that does not matter. This stock, and all the other homeland stocks can generate another rally. Because the stocks are heavily shorted, and any news will bring back the momentum traders such as myself. So it really does not matter which way it goes just as long as it goes.

    • He is a liar.Nobody would ever recommend Brcm right here.Or he is an idiot.

    • Biker2003 I thought we were having an intelligent discussion? If you just wanted to discredit me and bash me then just do it. No need to hide behind innocent questions. I thought you were a new investor. Sounds like you are long and happy. Good for you. One thing I will not do is insult someone just to win an argument. I provided facts and opinions not bashing. I'm here to help. Do not be so quick to discredit Yahoo. Absolute wealth of info.

    • Then we are even. I say the same about Mags. We will see who ends up being right. Do you use Broadcoms technology? I do, and I'm here to tell you it's the future. Voice over IP is where it's at. You have a lot to learn young one. Make sure you put in a tight stop loss. Broadcoms growth makes Mags looks like it's standing still.

    • Perfect reply. Good luck to you. I will do the same with the mo-mo.

    • Scrathing
      You are obviously the bigger person here.My bash actually discredited myself.We were having an intelligent conversation until you brought up going long brcm.I thought you were being a wise guy.My mistake.Your reply about your short position was appreciated.Your reasoning makes sense.I disagree with it but it is logical.I am not long I am on the sidelines.I definitely wouldnt short it though.As far as being new I was just looking for the rational behind being short.Thanks again and I look forward to your posts.If you have any long picks for the uncertain uneasy months ahead lets hear them.I mean this in all sincerity.Thanks

    • LOL!!!!!BUWAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are a first class FOOL!!!!!You made the wrong trade and got burned!Pompous fools like you always do.Just to let you know,I took some profit yesterday.Just to make you feel better,I bet it was YOUR money,LOL!BUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!I had you figured out from day one.You are clueless.You are pissed off because you are PUBLICALLY A FOOL.And I bet you care what people think.I can tell by your actions.You lost over ONLY 2 days!LOL!And I was right and you were wrong!LOL!!!!BUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I made easy money and you lost EASY money.Your words.LOL!BUWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!You seem madder than what I thought.Something I said I hope.LOL!!!BUWAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!!!!!What other stock do you like.You are the boards contrarian indicator.

    • LOL!!!!!

    • Yeah sure.ROTFLMAO!BUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BUWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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