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  • pacman328 pacman328 May 27, 2004 6:23 AM Flag


    You know the drill. It happens every time with this one.

    MAGS will jump in the first 20 minutes of premarket...perhaps to $22.00 or so...just barely beating yesterday's high...before the shorts and the sellers will take over.

    Remember backed up all day without a breath of an uptick? And it was a huge up day for the markets also.

    Just be smart and lock in your profits.

    I'm not a short on the stock so don't even try to bash me. Go back on my posts. I was here when it was $12+ telling everyone it was the bottom... it was overdone... and we were going back to the $20's.

    Just do yourself a favor and lock it in premarket if you haven't done so already.

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    • are you a tradestation client?

    • have a great day goddess!!!

    • Yes, you can get dj news, among other options. Personally, I'm not an Ameritrade fan-- you will notice much faster executions at Cybertrader or Tradestation, more short share availability (if you also short stocks), and a very knowledgeable and responsive customer support staff. That said, if you don't trade a lot and plan to stick to basics, something along the lines of Ameritrade may meet your needs. Gotta run, best of luck!


    • try ameritrade

    • shall do..i've augmented my trading with which show real time level two, but i find that confusing, so i've been using inet to see the bid offer. it seem to work for me , but i'm going to investigate trade station.I hate to move the account since my brokers my friend you know the usual..can i get dow jones realtime news pertinent to the stock that i'm trading at the time?

    • Ouch. Get an integrated trading platform with direct access executions and Level 2. You can watch how your stock is trading, watch real-time intraday charts, see your order as it is entered, and watch the shares execute. Good luck!


    • if i place a premarket trade does it get executed premarket? Morgan says it wont get executed till the open and maybe not at the price for which i bid/offer?
      2. If i average up or down say 5 k shares in 1k lots should'nt i be able to sell the ones that are underwater first, then the next and so on. Morgan Stanley says all the shares are @ an average price so i doesn't matter which shares i sell first. that doesn't make sense to me .

      also I can't trade/execut with morgan pre market.

      somebody please...

      • 1 Reply to ofc497
      • ofc487-- Much depends on your broker and what they offer. If your account is with MS and they don't have premarket trading, then No, they won't be executed premarket. As for the average share price for different lots, most brokers go by either "LIFO" or "FIFO", meaning "First In First Out" or "Last In First Out", meaning the shares executed will either be from the first lot you purchased or the last-- you may be able to request which way you want your account set. When your order is executed, it will only execute at your bid/offer IF there is a seller/buyer at that price (if it is trading there). Obviously it's not going to execute if your bid is lower than the going offers at that point in time, unless of course, you place a market order-- in which case it will execute at the going "market" price. I'm not sure what MS is referring to about your "average" price, unless they meant practically speaking. When all is said and done and all positions in that particular security are eventually closed, it is the total averaged P/L that is relevant. Hope this helps.


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