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  • magsdady magsdady Jun 1, 2004 10:26 AM Flag

    eight and the rest of the shorts.. read

    my post,,,stop bs with your revenue margin..
    it doesn't matter it about what going to bring in ... in the near future and what will happen in the near future , ,security fear man.. revenue and all your bs shitt doesn't matter people want to own mags because it big present in security sector.....dude learn how to invest because you're losing to much.

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    • Have you not learned how to read and write yet?

      Amateur shorts I warned you to wait a little longer. Us institutional shorts are waiting for the hype, momentum, and volume to dry up. It's starting. We are beginning to look at opening short positions. Those that have already shorted without covering and reshorting have made a mistake. Thus you are Amateur's. Even a few of the Pro's made this mistake.

      Everyone know's Mags has no quality contracts, nor will there be any in the near future. The CEO sold his shares and stated the stock was overvalued at $15. That say's alot.

      However the stock will still move on hype, and that's exactly what's happening. So why did you fall into the trap? Lack of experience that's why.

      Volume is drying up. The new bagholders are being setup by momentum traders on this board as we speak. While the other longs think they are with them, they are actually paid momentum longs. They work the same way as paid bashers and shorters. Their goal is to run the stock up as high as they can with meaningless dribble about how great the company is. This will lure new monkey bag holding longs. Then they will short the stock . You can see some have started doing that this morning. The same ones that rode the stock up are now the ones shorting it. Quite simple to see. Don't be fooled by it.

      The stock has almost ran it's course. It will make for an easy short within days. Time it just right, and it will be very profitable.

      Also notice the rest of the security sector is pulling back. Momentum is drying up. Mags will not rise on it's own. Follow the sector in general, and then short Mags.

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