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  • firstwordisee firstwordisee Jun 2, 2004 5:46 PM Flag

    does anyone

    on this board have anything to offer about the company, is there any DD shared here? all I see is day trading banter...

    shorts dont bother to reply with your trash, thats too easy with ANY company.

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    • greenpicturesofdeadpresidents greenpicturesofdeadpresidents Jun 2, 2004 5:47 PM Flag

      You're in the wrong place for a meaningful discussion. Try the ONCY board.

    • Good now we are getting somewhere.

      What do you think the biggest failure of 9-11 was?

      We'll use the process slowly to get to our answer.

    • First of all it will not bring down Governments and crumble companies.

      9-11 was the biggest event they will ever get. Caught us off guard. That is history. They had their moment. That was the peak.

      Snap out of it. It's a very simple process. I am here to work it out with you.

    • CEO - If I could interject, you may be feeling too warm in your mothers womb. You ask "can'o" "whats keeping the terrorist out now"... Do you really believe we have NO active splinter cells in the US?

      Whats keeping the Mexicans out?...Nothing...look around you.

    • Bad comparison. Rather racist comparison at that.

      But since you are a racist with no education I'll help you out as well.

      The economy need's the Hispanic work force, and I for one am very happy they are here.

      Have you been reading Tom Clancy books again?

      Splinter cell? Come on.

      They are called militant muslims, and they are all around.

      I was working this process out with Can. Kindly mind your own business, and you shall learn as well.

    • Its a PUBLIC board dichead, and I wont mind my own business when I get insulted from a ignorant peon such as yourself.

      The economy does not need an UNDOCUMENTED work force thats bull and if your not smart enough to understand that then I'm not the one to explain it to you. FYI - I am married to a Mexican, her parents are American CITIZENS, they came here LEGALLY.

      Middle Eastern and Chinese are trying to cross the desert borders and are captured every are illegal mexicans, they only capture about 2%. IS that WHAT YOU CALL TRUSTING YOUR GOV. TO STOP TERROISM?

    • Illegal immigrants steal jobs from legal citizens of the USA. Albeit, they are low paying jobs, but they take away opportunities from Americans.
      There is also a law in effect (can't recall the name of this law) that says illegal immigrants have a right to a free education at American universities...if they can PROVE that they are illegal immigrants...while Americans have to pay for their education. How wrong is that?? The supporters of this law say that since the "illegals" are here, may as well train them to be valuable members of our society, rather then be exploited and paid cheap wages to do menial tasks (sugar cane cutters, vegetable/fruit pickers, etc.) But what about the Americans that do these jobs?? Shouldn't they be entitled to an education?? Guess not...we have to pay...illegal immigrants get a free ride. There is something wrong here.

    • Good still feeling childish. I'll help you along the process.

      Can: Mr. CEO do tell me what the breakdown of 9-11 was.

      CEO: Sure Can glad you asked. It was the breakdown in human intelligence. These terrorists did nothing more than enter our country, learn how to fly a plane into a building, and then proceeded to walk onto multiple airplanes and proceed to fly them into buildings.

      Can: Wow CEO I did not realize it was something so simple. You mean there were no Magal fences to keep them out?

      CEO: Can. The homeland sector in general is mainly hype. Most of the products are nothing more than personal home security. They can still board airplanes, they can still suicide bomb, they can still do car bombing, they can still fire rockets (even over fences).

      Can: Thanks CEO. What on earth then could possibly stop these terrorists?

      CEO: Identification. Identification. Identification. Stop them before they even get into the country. They are not going to build fences along the border of Mexico and Canada. They will need to use technology that identifies them through fingerprints and facial recognition ie US Visit contract to Accenture. Then they will need to coordinate it all through a national database ie Sieble Systems new contract. Lastly the intelligence community will have to put intelligence back in the name of the CIA. You following this?

      Can: That's good info CEO. You aren't just a short basher, you are a realist.

      CEO: Class is out, spread the word.

    • The issue of illegal immigration is directly related to terrorism threats. It also has a VERY draining affect on our economy. Control one and you'll gain control of the other.

      CEO should study the economics of Norway. Since his "education" has lead him to believe that millions of illegal immigrants are somehow good for this country.

      Noway has the highest standard of living in the world, unemloyment is non existant, everyone has health care. They also have the toughest immigration laws (and they inforce them)

      Sure a burger will cost you $8.00 US but the person serving it (a legal citizen) is making $18.00/hr US

      The illigal immigrants are CAUSING the low wages and lower standard of living.

    • Let's get back on subject, since "illegal immigration" has nothing to do with Magal. The US Visit and identification process will address "illegal immigration". You are not in the know so you would not know that it's the businesses that ask for the illegal immigration, and the US government obliges. But "illegal immigration is another topic. We are discussing Magal's role and prospects in Homeland Security.

      Rather than go off topic. Explain to me how Magal's going to justify the recent 70% rise in it's stock price when sequential growth was negative in the last quarter? Are you telling me Magal will have a 70% growth rate in earnings this year? Might want to look at the historical financial statements before you answer that. If you need help reading and interpreting a financial statement let me know.

      If the US has spent billions of dollars on Homeland Security since 9-11 why hasn't Magal had an earnings report to reflect it?

      All I'm trying to argue is that Magal is not up on earnings nor will it rise on future earnings. This stock is moved on hype, news, and momentum only. Once that has been established then we can stop arguing based on fundamental's of the company, and start arguing about the TA of the stock. YOU DO REALIZE THEY ARE TWO SEPARATE ENTITIES?

      My arguement say's for now lack of news will drive the "stock" price lower.

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