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  • happyguy1032003 happyguy1032003 Aug 2, 2004 11:39 PM Flag

    2ND half estimates

    You make a lot of sense but You may want to read the papers because all the spending went to the war in IRAQ so it will take an increase in tax dollars to finance these projects. More debt means selling bonds, which means lower bond prices for a higher and attractive yield to bond holders. This in turn will be very very expensive to the tax payer and costly on the stock market.

    You ever wonder why it takes an act of congress to get a stop light in your neighborhood? I mean in one part of my neighborhod it took the city years to finally wake up and place stop lights down a busy road! You need so many accidents, so many injuries and so many deaths before the government wakes up and spends! So while you are hoping and praying that the stock wil go up, the stock is telling you otherwise! Sell it, go short!

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    • No thanks. I'm a long term investor, and I believe that MAGS offers above average returns over the next 5 years. And is a good thing for the world along with some of the other security companies.

      Unfortunately, most governments are cash strapped due to low tax revs and think they can put off the needed security spending. And private utility, chemical, financial, etc. companies have their head-in-the-sand attitude and are sitting on their cash until it's too late. Didn't 9/11 teach us anything?

      Have a great evening.

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