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  • gambletron_2000_ffl gambletron_2000_ffl Feb 3, 2005 11:27 AM Flag

    Re: gambletron_blow_me

    The last time a "momma" joke got under my skin I was 14.

    Grow up a bit...then come out and play.

    I guess your alais fits you to a "T".

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    • Yes, I did buy then and today, I confess, I took some profits on the trade beginning (because I�m weak and I have no balls like you). A little missed the top, but it�s O.K. for me. For your understanding I�m on Europe time and I was out till now. I hope it won�t be late to buy it again before it continues to run.
      And it will!!!
      For your reference it always rises with ICTS. It�s global tendency (ASEI, HON)
      By the way I didn�t understand your short system: (reduced amounts from the short heyday of the 30's, 20's 10,s.). Could you please explain it to me? May be You can recommend to me some stocks for short ( not
      By the way, my trade program shows that MAGS is not shortable

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      • You can't go broke selling to soon!!

        MAGS is the only stock I ever shorted and did so under the tutelege of others.

        When the price was in the 30's it was a nobrainer it was shorted with all my resources.

        As the price declined I reduced my exposure when shorting all the way down to 100 shares.

        I don't plan on ever covering that position and consider the money "lost". I was hoping it would go down to 6ish and I could double up one more time.

        As far as other stocks to short my mentor looks for large unplanned insider sales and goes to work. She's got alot more $$$ than me so she must be doing it right.

        Thanks for the references. I am way long HON as I used to work there and I left a 401k that was flush with company stock. OUCH thats underwater in a big way.

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