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  • bosch_federico bosch_federico May 2, 2005 11:57 AM Flag

    What are they saying?

    Any comments on CC?

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    • amnon..we are counting on you to stir up TASE

    • The main difference on today's call was that CEO said that not only 2005 REVENUE would be more than in 2004, but also INCOME. That was news!

      I think anyone can understand that MAGS is not stamping out widgets on an assembly line all day long. The variable business is very much a part of the geopolitical crises in the world and budgetary constraints. Everyone screams for more heimat security but nobody wants to shell out the bucks or shekels until the big one hits, then they all scramble. Trying to pick what month any particular order will pay off is like trying to land in a coffee can on a parachute.

      He pointed out that the Gross Margin was about 45% which would be good in the long run.

      One thing I did not hear about was if any analyst coverage would be coming. CEO said last CC that they were working on that.

      P.S. forever!!

    • Thanks for your reply...

      I hope today was not a "tricky" day
      and stock don't lose ground...


    • Yes it was expected; MAGS gave 1st qtr guidance on April 7th; Good news is that rev came in @ high end of $12-$14 million qtr guidance given on April 7th. see link

      CEO said 1st qtr usually the weakest, orders came in later than expected so they will be reflected in subsequent qtrs rev; & private placement went to insiders.

      I think smart money bought today; I was hoping for more volume, but tomorrow is another oportunity to buy in @ these levels.

    • More business and revenue coming, but they can't pin down exactly which month. CEO reiterated expectations for higher revenue AND income over 2005. 1Q had problems like winter and deferred orders.

      Poland is still in the works, nothing awarded yet.

      There was some talk on the stock price. The CEO and others bought stock around $10, about $16 million dollars worth. CEO emphasized that they do NOTHING to influence the stock price, and don't make predictions.

      So, until something REAL hits the wires, here we sit, another typical crappy day of trade so far.

      Some brokers asked questions about details on the financials.

      CEO says stock should start looking real good in about 3-4 years, but no value suggested.

      CEO said they are bidding on a total of about $120 million worth of stuff.

      I did not hear everything. I tried listening online but my ISP kept crashing. You might try the replay later.

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