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  • mrharrynutz2004 mrharrynutz2004 Apr 2, 2004 5:14 AM Flag

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    "Iraq is like Vitenam"
    What's the comparison? Over 50,000 Americans died in Vietnam. So far, about 600 have died in Iraq -in one year. At that rate it'll take around 100 years or so to exceed Vietnam. Do you really think we'll stay there that long??
    Some of the comments seemed a little strong, but the basic premise seems correct: Europeans are afraid of Muslims and they despise Jews. Everything I've seen, read and heard makes that highly plausible.
    What is this "u gonna lose" talk? Do you despise America that much? What is your native country off hand, some place other than America? Are you simply jealous and envious of America's success? What's the problem?
    I've had trouble with this war from the very beginning. I suspected the main fighting wouldn't last long, which it didn't, but restoring order -if there was any to begin with- wouldn't be easy.
    What is your solution to terrorism?
    And no, unlike you, I won't say something ignorant like "shut up stupid" as you did. This is the land of free speech, or have you learned that yet. Take your time responding.
    Thank you

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    • if u create a war on terrorism, u create more terrorism (watch the situation in Madrid, spain) that war was based on lies and if i was an us citizen (i'm french) i shouldn't pay taxes any longer. i understand that your country goes paranoid on terrorism but i'm not happy with the bush talk and his vision on the situation. he just wants the oil and the rest is collateral. in my eyes cnn is brainwash education, do u think you really know the truth?

    • While on your high horse, don't forget the Iraqi body count we are scoring. After all, they are not really people like us Americans. They are all terrorist, we should just nuke em!

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