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  • breeves1999 breeves1999 Aug 31, 2005 9:07 AM Flag

    Why MAGS Will Prevail:

    MAGS is the best at what it does, and it does a lot, with its extensive range of products.
    "All of Magal's Products have the following main advantages:

    * The Highest Probability of Detection of any comparable system on the market today.
    * The Lowest False Alarm Rate of any comparable system on the market today.
    * The capability to obtain an alarm as early as possible, so that once the alarm has sounded, the security personnel will have ample time to respond.
    * Minimum reliance on human attention and alertness, these being replaced by reliable systems, which do not tire and do not depend on the limited human attention span.

    Magal has branched out into both other outdoor security systems, as well as indoor ones, and is now able to offer total and comprehensive Turn Key Security Projects, which could include all stages starting with threat analysis, choice of hardware and software, operators training, etc. Magal Security Systems Ltd. will see to it that the systems integrate with one another, perform to specifications, and are best suited to the client's needs and wishes." Nobody else does it like MAGS, bar none.
    I believe the market will reward this kind of excellence, and set the stage for further, impressive, ramped-up expansion.

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    • In light of "your" most recent post, I'm unfortunately inclined to doubt my previous tentative assumption.
      It's simply not believable that you find it improper for one to use the Yahoo window and search button below to check a new user name for previous posts, in order to possibly clarify an ambiguous one.
      It's obviously the meaning and significance of a post that count, and those, depending on content, may be greatly modified by the context of the post.
      For you to suggest that such a search of user name constitutes, or bears any relationship to "stalking" is reaching far afield, silly, and totally, ridiculously unwarranted.
      Why do you suppose Yahoo put the window, options, and button there?
      I'm still waiting for "Gambletron" to retract the phony quotes he attributed to me.
      Good luck in your DD.

    • You should find someting better to do than research posters on a stock board. Why do you care?

      I own SCUR and CHKP(refuse to read or post on that msg board) and was looking at MAGS for a bit but passed.

      Sorry if I broke protocol by asking if you owned or followed CHKP.

      Anyways this is the last you'll see of me so you'll have to find someone to stalk.

      Enjoy your day....

    • Reflecting on the larger context of the message thread content in which your initial post #49357 appeared, followed by others under the same name, raider nation csf 2005, it should be no surprise if some speculate that you may also have posted here under a different name. Searching on the name shown produced only one, uninformative, 2-word post on the SCUR board.
      Nonetheless, assuming your 1st(?) post here to be a legitimate request for information on a stock different than MAGS (something I don't ordinarily engage in here), I genuinely hope you were able to benefit from the responses to your query by Kabbamonte and me.
      For what it's worth, from your 1st post here onward, it appears to me that you may have a tendency to excessively hasty conclusion, which, however easy or tempting, can be very costly, in your evaluation of anything.
      Due diligence, unoriginal, worn expression that it is, remains the only general discipline any of us can follow, and presumes an interest in the truth, which seems curiously lacking here,
      Shameless, misinformative bashing deserves to be exposed for what it is, imo.
      I'm still waiting for Gambletron to retract the phony, offensive quotes he attributed to me.
      Good luck with your generalizations.
      You're welcome!

    • WOW- you should be in their PR dept.

      You seem like a person who keeps his $$ within the tribe- do you also follow CHKP?


      • 3 Replies to raider_nation_csf_2005
      • *raider nation csf 2005*

        You seem to appreciate the irony of the evident need to point out the obvious, from time to time, in order to counter somewhat the repititious, baseless drivel spewed here by chronic bashers and shorties.
        If by "tribe," you mean "Israeli," or "Israeli investments," I entertain no such restrictive plan, although there are, no doubt, many fine Israeli stocks worthy of review, including, perhaps, CHKP. I haven't looked into that one
        closely enough to hold an opinion on it, but, in principle, would tend to favor CHKP or any other stock that can demonstrate legitimate technological advantage over the competition, and an R&D commitment likely to keep it ahead.

      • >WOW- you should be in their PR dept.

        He was quoting, he did use quotations,
        from the company profile

        They do need to show us the money,
        improve the top line, improve the bottom line,
        get this share price moving. It's been a long slog, but I feel we will improve going forward.

      • yes, breeves like to calm the trembling sheep, but his words are only as good as the substance of the company, when you strip the hype away, the warm and fuzzy feelings, and expectations of the end of the world, what's left??

        I say, show me the money...

    • as far as owning it as a stock, there are only a very few times to gain any price momentum, on the infrequent news items and earnings between those periods the stock is twisting in the breeze...I can only assume we are being twisted by some window dressing eom, for the better or worse yet to be seen

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      • In general, of course, it certainly seems historically true, what you say about price momentum gains and infrequent news items, earnings releases, etc., between which events, the stock has appeared largely without spirit,
        and I believe the company leaders must realize the same, hence their recent willingness to divulge more about some contracts, as well as changes in business structure, and manner of operation, as in the case of the new Washington office to facilitate deals with Dept. of Homeland Defense and others in this country.
        Still, investors must understand the unusual nature and importance of customer sensitivity, discretion, and even extreme secrecy that may sometimes be involved in this line of business.
        A measure of faith seems unavoidable, but it need not be blind or stupid. MAGS is already a well-established, profitable company, although not yet a household word. Some of the more imminent boundaries in which MAGS is involved are so monumentally high profile that they may serve to showcase her wares and systems in ways not yet done, and provide a basis for further instances of reasonable faith in her growth.

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