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  • frenkcrenk frenkcrenk Nov 8, 2005 5:48 AM Flag

    CEO Jacob Even-Ezra

    Just finished listening to the conf call. MAGS CEO Jacob Even-Ezra is so AROGANT and may I say... not especially smart.
    He keeps talking like one that has all the wisdom... if he would just listen more and talk less, MAGS could get much more business.

    His remark about the Polish way of doing business was stupid, to say the least. His unwillingness to accept the last analyst view of the reason for lack of coverage for MAGS, was stupid...that guy was just trying to help.

    all in all I felt that MAGS is a good company... it's CEO just needs to learn to be more descrete and modest.

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    • MCEL: This is the recent 10/26 PR that shows that the AirForce is funding MCEL's hydrogen battery work, which lead to the DEMO being performed this coming week. Things are moving on track as projected. Also, in the last MCEL cc, it was disclosed that the US ARMY is looking at the same technology also. Note especially very last paragraph (OK, no more posts)::

      Protonex to Receive Dual Funding for Advanced Soldier Power System Development
      Wednesday October 26, 3:22 pm ET
      Millennium Cell Subcontracted to Advance Fuel Cartridge Design

      SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 26, 2005--Protonex Technology Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high-performance fuel cell power systems for portable and remote applications, announced today that it has been selected for contract award by the U.S. Army Research Office (ARO) to accelerate development of a 30-watt soldier power system. The ARO joins the Air Force Research Laboratory in funding the program, which began under a two-year Dual Use Science and Technology (DUST) Program awarded in April 2004. The ARO contract will drive advanced fuel cartridge design and manufacturing to achieve delivery of complete power systems in early 2006. Protonex will continue to work in close partnership with Millennium Cell Inc. (NASDAQ: MCEL - News), a leading developer of hydrogen battery technology, as a subcontractor on this program.

      The 30-watt soldier power system combines fuel cell and chemical hydride fueling subsystems to deliver continuous power for electronic devices. The system's rugged design and high energy density make it ideally suited to meet the aggressive demands of military applications. To date, work under the DUST Program has focused on development of the overall Protonex fuel cell system and initial integration of Millennium Cell's Hydrogen on Demand� chemical hydride fueling technology. The program will now target productization of the chemical hydride fueling cartridge in preparation for field trials.

      Progress under the DUST Program has produced two prototypes of the soldier power system. The first system, P1, was delivered to the Air Force in March 2005, and was recently field trialed at Team Patriot, an exercise hosted by the U.S. Air Force to demonstrate advanced military technologies. The second system, P2, will be demonstrated later this year and delivered to the Department of Defense in early 2006 for comprehensive evaluation and field testing.

      "We are encouraged by the broadening interest of the Department of Defense in this product as a result of our successful P1 system delivery," commented Scott Pearson, CEO, Protonex. "Protonex and Millennium Cell continue to work well together as we move toward productization, and we look forward to soon demonstrating this system publicly."

      About Millennium Cell

      Millennium Cell develops hydrogen battery technology through a patented chemical process that safely stores and delivers hydrogen energy to power portable devices. The borohydride-based technology can be scaled to fit any application requiring high energy density for a long run time in a compact space. The Company is working with market partners to meet demand for its patented process in four areas: military, medical, industrial and consumer electronics.

    • MCEL: It is tough these days to find any stock under $4 that has any earnings to speak of, unless it was at one time much higher priced and got a round of bad news. Brokers/analysts typically avoid anything that has not proven itself yet with numbers they can run on a spreadsheet and has a business for which they can discern a track record and a future.

      But that leaves probably 2000 stocks they won't touch but they may still be wonderful plays for the risk adverse. DOW stocks that have 100 years of history get whacked too, look at GM.

      Look at are in that on your own (no analyst) so you know how to think for yourself. What does broker say about MAGS??

      A stock does not need earnings to double, triple, etc.

      On AE, I got in BCON at 1.30, sold above $3, it went over $5, now it is back at under $2 or so. I think they are miles from earnings or even decent revenue, but they had some DEMOS and first time orders which blew them wide open when oil shot up and hurricanes hit. Now they have settled back to "fundamentals."

      MCEL is in exactly the same boat now. They ran up to almost $3 recently on news about potential military contracts and partnership with DOW Chemical, etc. But they settled back down to 1.50, and bounced up a bit. So now some buying is coming back. I have already run one trade up from 1.80 to 2.60, now starting the cycle over. Tghis whole next week they are involved with DEMOS in California. It is tough when hardly anybody knows about new technology and breakthroughs, but when the word got out, like with BCON, it flew.

      No reason why the military, somebody's military, might not order a few hundred thousand of these extended life soldier battery packs, in which case no saying how high it could go. It's just a matter of time.

      MAGS is my highest price stock, but I have very few shares. I would have dumped a while ago, but I have a policy not to "give up hope", fatal as that may sound. I just want to see a successful turnaround at some point.

      Israel: AE I am not aware of, one may wish to skim through the TASE 100 list. Israel's main resources are brains and ingenuity. Many of the kibbutzim produce items like food, plastics, glassware, etc, but the country's main money makers are Dead Sea salt and mud products. They have no gold or oil, which is surprising since the oil is all around them, but with a small territory like Israel, they just lost out on the area odds, I guess. They don't need much oil for heating, and I don't know that they have many large factories and heavy industry. Their main things are biotech, electronics, military items, security systems, and real estate development (not too popular).

      Before he quit, Netanyahu could talk on and on about all the good investments in Israel, probably still quite a few articles on the net.

      Your list of stocks would also need to include those dual listed stocks for purchase in USA. Other than that, there are Israeli based mutual funds that might also have some technology stocks having AE aspects. I suspect that there are some solar companies out there.

      Like anything else, reasearch: takes time and effort. Bottom line is that Israelis are great at water conservation and farming/land management, but not a whole lot of emphasis on fuel conservation. Israel is a tiny place, about the size of Delaware.

    • **Kabba**

      Good volume, nice resurgence, final flourish
      today. All in all, not too shabby, all things considered...
      Frank'll be OK, maybe even more gentle, if he just stays long with MAGS.
      Yes, I've noticed for some time the weird similarities of action in MAGS and ALVR, from time to time, particularly in shorter term.
      MCEL gets the usual "avoid" rating by broker, but am adding it to my watch list for review. Do you know of any overlooked or otherwise deserving Isaeli AE stocks? Surely seems to me an area of desperately needed development.

    • Dude ain't stupid- he sold all his shares at 20+

      Stupid are the ones hanging on waiting for the "short sqeeze" to drive this thing up over 20.

    • he's not happy on ALVR board, either

      I call him crankfrank

      BTW, MAGS and ALVR have similar trading patterns, if you run a comparative chart.

      It's the suicide packpack Palestinian bombers out to get both stocks, IMO.

    • **frenkrenk**
      I know nothing of ALVR's leadership, and although I don't personally know anyone at MAGS, beyond the CC's, I'm afaid your take on MAGS' CEO is all too hasty, and way, way, way off the mark.
      Even-Ezra certainly seemed confident, and rightly so, because he knows the security business, MAGS, his co-employees, and himself, all very well, but I don't think he displayed "arrogance." Remember, he was even apologetic and self-deprecating about not yet delivering on one of the PipeGuard trials? (He's on it!)
      I didn't find him "aggressive," either, or at least, not in the ad hominum sense; rather, he directly engaged the questions, as a problem solver, not the people who asked the questions, except, perhaps, when he was kidding with them.
      "Stupid" is another thing he's not, obviously, or he wouldn't be there, keeping MAGS the best.
      In that, he shows great zeal and vigor, partly, I feel sure, because he knows Israel's very existence is constantly on the line. Their 9/11 happened a long, long time before ours, and is for Israelis, a way of life.
      Even-Ezra is the real deal. Take another look!
      Keep the faith.
      Go, MAGS!

    • Shavua tov

    • Both CEOs are full of sh-t. Tzvika friedman of alvarion (whom I know personally) is a grown kid and a real opportunist. He doesn't have the capabilities to lead Alvarion.

      Jacob Even-Ezra is just AROGANT, AGGRESSIVE and STUPID... that's my impression after hearing the conf call.
      The share movement of the last days is directly related to his stupidity.
      I'm lond and MAGS is agreat company but Jacob Even-Ezra is a POS.

    • Women in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem looked pretty nice.

      Anyway, how do you like new CEO of ALVR, did you hear the Conference call?

      After all this time, sems like ALVR and MAGS price acts the same.

    • I think he is a cagey old goat.

      If that analyst just even looked at MAGS website, he would know what MAGS does. For an analyst to say that MAGS is just a fence company is totally ignorant and stupid on their part, and we certainly don't want that person around MAGS anyway. Do you want MAGS to run full page ads in the wall St Journal??? maybe some day...

      Mutual fund managers take time to "dig" into companies. These guys are just lazy and want everything handed to them so they can write some dtupid article and then go on to 25 other stocks.

      But if MAGS gets some $50 M order for Pipeguard, then they'll scream "why did I not know?"

      An analyst is likely to have something on his desk that says "Intel Inside", not much chance of a known MAGS item in vicinity.

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