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  • nothingbut2005 nothingbut2005 May 17, 2006 12:54 PM Flag

    $16 by the end of September(eom)


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    • If you think the "people in CA are out of control," please remember the other border states
      between CA and Texas that have significant border problems (to put it mildly), and that further continuous border weaknesses exist east of Texas, along the Gulf coast, up our eastern seaboard, the entire U.S./Canada border, and of course, the entire California coast. The ports along our border, along with internal points of entry by air, present special vulnerabilities, but must be seen as parts of the whole border, because it is the weak points that will be exploited. This is a vast undertaking, but it can be done and done very well, as it must be.
      In my view, MAGS' proven, unequaled technology and expertise should be involved, to the greatest extent possible, for the best possible results. Remember CEO Even-Ezra's remarks in CC that MAGS has been "involved" for years with the U.S. concerning our borders.
      This is NOT something the Bush administration
      can afford to screw up, not any more!
      The world and history are watching.
      Go, MAGS!

    • "Johnny Cakes" cut me a fucking break.

    • I'll be buying MAGS cheaper than you bought, so THERE :)
      Where did you buy...$13.50 a few months ago? Sitting on a loss here? Just curious. You don't have to answer that one.

      I love you asei_investor....errr, johnny cakes :)

      Good Luck!

      Keeping MAGS on radar for now & will buy in lower.

    • C'mon on, Johnny know you want it. You've been telling a lie for too long. You want a short stack or a *BIG* stack? You're in a safe place here :)

      Waiting for MAGS to dip some more before I begin nibbling. No signs yet that it has bottomed. A steady decline in share price (i.e. downtrend is in place) since 8 weeks ago and no signs yet of a reversal. I shall excercise patience in this one and let it come to me.

    • First of all MAGS will not get a piece of this project. Stop pumping this POS

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      • Just heard on the radio coming in to work this morning that Northrup-Gruman, Raytheon, and another large company are already in line to submit their bids for the border. News said those companies will provide "special sensors", video surveillance equipment, and other equipment used for the project. No mention whatsoever of MAGS.

        I find it hard to believe MAGS get a piece of this project when our own companies here in the US are more than capable of doing it themslelves. JMHO.

    • If MAGS gets a piece of this it will be $30 by Sept 2006.
      I hope we can celebrate at that time.

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      • I kinda liking to what it saying in the article...

        The vote to build what supporters called a "real fence" � as distinct from the virtual fence already incorporated in the legislation � was 83-16. The fence would be built in areas "most often used by smugglers and illegal aliens," as determined by federal officials. Sen. Jeff Sessions (news, bio, voting record), R-Ala., estimated the cost at roughly $3.2 million per mile, more than $900 million for 300 miles.

        The provision includes a call for construction of 500 miles of vehicle barriers, adding to a system currently in place.
        if price firmed-up then it may be time to add shares.

        go mags go!!!

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