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  • amnon105 amnon105 Nov 21, 2006 6:38 AM Flag

    ** NEW 4.5 MILL DEAL !!

    This is good news...
    3 X as much as the other...
    PR is doing well in this secretive business.
    GOOD luck LONGS
    -Amnon :)

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    • SIlly boy...the time to buy ASEI was on the break of $46.50 as I told everyone so many times...that, my dear friend, was the time to LOAD THE BOAT. Nice job on the 20% day trade in one day there...had you known how to read a chart, you would not have foolishly sold those shares and could have been sitting on a 40% profit (before last weeks minor pullback to where we are now).

      Like I said, learn how to read a'll make much more money. The chart tells it all for MAGS. Dead money at best for the foreseeable future. 7 out of 7 of my stocks today are all up nicely. MAGS will wait.

      ....go get 'em tiger ;)

    • Master OTJ,
      You must remember '20% jump' IN ONE DAY on July 14th.

      I sold most of my shares that day and next(with 20+% gain),
      and I believe you lost some bucks that time.LOL

      like Mr.'bengrahamvalueinvestor' said hundreds+ times,
      "You must buy this stock when others aren't and trim if you must when others are buying. Otherwise you are the herd and will never make any real money in this microcap."


    • Nice news hope to see more deals in bigger scale and outsite Israel

      Bought about 2 wks ago in around 9.5$ (25K)

    • As expected, the stock reacted to the news pretty much with a thud. It's clearly going to take something along the lines of a $10-20mm contract to get MAGS to clear its MA at $9.86. Anything else is just noise for MAGS as far as the market is concerned.

      Out of all the stock I track, MAGS is one of the few that has not participated one bit in this monster bull run in the markets. If looking to buy, that's a good thing as it clearly remains well under the radar to everyone and is lumped in with a lot of other penny stocks that have no interest.

      Keep her down here for the next month or so...nice and quiet...I'll look to nibble toward the end of December/January. I don't think I'll have any problem buying in the low $9's. :)

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