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  • onthejobsf onthejobsf Nov 27, 2006 4:23 PM Flag

    MAGS - Sign of a very weak stock

    When you have a massive stock market rally, like the one we saw these past two months, and you see a stock that does not participate in that rally, that is your first big 'ol red flag that the stock is very weak and need not be bought.

    Confirming indicators of the weak stock are rallies that cannot hold (like MAGS does everytime the mm's take her above the $10.00 mark this year), no volume on up days (like MAGS has shown this past year), and sell off's when the general markets go down (like MAGS does).

    The diehard MAGS hopefuls who have no doubt lost on A LOT of profit in other stocks that have rallied 30, 40, 50 100% in this past year as they had to sit and watch because their $$$ was sitting in MAGS, will begin to finally sell their positions in MAGS as the year draws to a close.

    After careful review of the weekly and monthly charts over the weekend (I am looking to buy an initial position in MAGS), I fell chances are higher than 80% MAGS will be in the $8's (low $8's) within 30 days. Today was my confirmation of what the charts were already telling me.

    A little heads up for those looking to buy MAGS :)

    Just be patient...this stock will not run without you. You will be able to buy it in the $8's within 30 days.

    Good luck!

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    • bla bla bla yada yada yada

      13$ in January.

    • 12-13$ in 3 month.Period

      8$?! lol

      • 3 Replies to mo4poker
      • Good Mornin' Mo!

        Woops! MAGS now trading at $9.60...quite a steep selloff from $10.50 last week. That's over 10%! Doh!

        "Whowuddathunkit?" :)

        $8's are pretty much a lock by end of December. Patience is all that is needed on this one, as I pointed out last week. Hope ya learned sumpin' my friend :)

      • Don't feel too bad for sitting on dead money for so long, of your fellow "long term holders" has recommended your post already....hiding in the shadows....LOL.

        Like I said before, when ASEI hits $80.00 soon, I will take some of those profits and gamble with a little MAGS just for shytes and giggles. Only reason I'll gamble is because I like Ben. Not going to put alot into it, mind you...for there are simply too many other stocks that continue to make me a pretty nice chunk of change on a months basis :)

        When ASEI breaks the trigger point (you'll have to figure that one out for yourself) accompanied by VOLUME, then I'll add for some trading purposes...but that point is much higher than where it is now. Bottom line...MAGS is trading at the same price today as it was FIVE years ago. Ouch ;)

      • $8's targe is funny, huh? Learn how to read a chart, son. More importantly, learn to do just the MINIMUM amount of DD on a company before you gamble with it, instead of posting silly questions like "What do you guys think of this DC Office"? It's all right in front of your friggin eyes to find out for yourself. Lazy people like you who pretend to know what the phuck they are talking about really do crack me up.

        Lemme tell you what is even more comical though...watching as people just like you over the past three years have come and gone right around these prices...every one of them stating "breakout in these shares should happen any moment!" In fact, several of them are still here..s.till screaming that exact phrase!! Now *THAT* is funny, son! :)

        So before you make a silly statement like the one you just made, at least ACT like you know what the phuck you are talking about before making such statement.

        See ya in a month...we'll talk more, genius ;)

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