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  • ledup111 ledup111 May 17, 2007 10:55 AM Flag

    Ben *Intergrator =Sale

    Ben, I think the direction mags is going to engage with a intergrator is a good one and essential for the the company to get their products instituted (private lable) and shield the religous barrier they cannot overcome with out this effort.

    Saudi fence is back in play.

    Saudi- Dow has proposed a new plant to get next to oil source and the saudi's have made final bid for GE plastic's division. Mags has all products needed to secure this effort as well.

    Additionally, lots of proposals/ bids are in the works per cc. The down side fear is that once this effort is successful they will get scooped up. Whisper is 15 to 20. I hope not, I think this stock in 5 years is 30-50 jmo, but as they will get real visible they are a cheep buy.

    Your thoughts?

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    • OTJ, I'll engage with you one more time. Mags has not until late shown that they know how to market themselves imo. I feel they are making important moves to address this shortfall by opening the DC information center and hiring a new, young, CEO that is making the attempt expidite a inagrator buy or associate with one. These are good moves.

      Agreed it is going to take time to see results of these efforts, but this is not a trade, but a long term hold on my part.

      Good luck

    • The only "nonsense" is you two buffoons thinking of ways MAGS can get past $ MAGS has sure been on fire during this raging bull market!! You guys sure know how to pick 'em ;)

      MAGS IS A DIME-A-DOZEN PRODUCT COMPANY. Look at their sales, kiddo.

    • I see OTJ is at it again. Spends more time on nonesense instead of providing constructive ideas and research.

      I feel wether they buy an inagrator or affiliate with one, it is a sound way for MAGS to grow and get their state of the art products into countries that will not do business with them directly. Make sense.

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    • Gotexan...I see you also have growthstocks listed under your gotexan you're off the hook :)

      As for MAGS, I still believe it is a dime-a-dozen company that can only get business in Israel.

      the P/E is way too high. Good luck with it.

    • I hope to see a lot higher in 3-5 years than 30-50. HOPE!

      By partnering w/ integrators in the USA and abroad, Magal has a chance to piggy back the reputation of multibillion dollar leader and sell their products to utilities, power plants, oil refineries, and of course "homeland security" applications world wide. If only one of their relationships with larger integrators enables Magal to sell their solutions on a much greater scale the reward could be quantified in the hundreds of millions of revenue. I believe the new CEO has a strong grasp on the task at hand.

      In the meantime, before these larger orders come, I think we have a strong likelihood of climbing towards the mid-high teens with strong earnings and revenue growth that is fueled by the backlog and the prospect of more "sure thing" orders on the horizon---Israeli defense, Israeli borders, US borders........

      I suggest reading the transcript of the last two conference calls. If you do, I think you will have a better understanding of what I am speaking of.....


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