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  • onthejoke onthejoke Aug 10, 2007 5:22 PM Flag

    been buying under $9 since yesterday

    first buy since I sold out @$11.7 on March
    not much yet
    hope we go down little more..

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    • When you posted you were selling--I said to myself....he's right (for now) unless Magal comes up with a large order the stock is heading back down to $9.50-10.50....quickly. Much of the rise to 12 was from short covering. You know I am looking for much more with Magal and despite my agreement with the short term (with no new news)I was not tempted to sell. I just waited for another opportunity to pick up shares under 10 (it came).

      There's very little overhang in this stock any more. If something pushes the stock up past 11 again it should test the 13 area....If/when it breaks thru there we could get ot the 16-18 range.....My point--this time around don't sell all your shares for a few point move. The upside in this stock (vs. the down side) is huge....the risk reward is tremendous. If management can execute 1/3 rd as well as I think....this could be a 25-35 stock next year....Remember, the ugliest and most boring stocks can turn in the most amazing ones overnight. Good Luck! Ben

      Also, keep in mind--the rotation out of economic sensitive stocks is real (this time) . There is serious reason to believe we will be in a recession in early 2008. Investors pay a premium for growth and companies that are not going to have the risks of an recession.

    • Hey...I like the Geisha look :-)

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