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  • yogalad_returned yogalad_returned Jul 13, 2009 11:54 AM Flag

    Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind

    Lessee . . . . installations get all screwed up and there's a chance you won't get paid? In Africa? No way.

    'Failure of our European subsidiary to complete projects or to collect revenues derived from such projects may cause us material losses.

    Our recently acquired European subsidiary is engaged in turn-key projects in Africa. These projects are executed with the assistance of a local subcontractor. Due to lack of management and financial skills of the subsidiary’s employees and to limited physical access to these projects sites, the European subsidiary encountered difficulties in the evaluation of the operating results of these projects during their respective execution periods, as well as in the measurement of the expected costs and resources that will be necessary to complete them. Insufficient managerial oversight by the local subcontractor created additional burdens on the subsidiary’s management, affecting its ability to complete these projects. Due to the foregoing reasons and the inherent difficulty in managing projects in Africa, our European subsidiary may encounter difficulties in the collection of the revenues associated with such projects. The difficulties described may also cause delays in the completion of these projects and may result in the imposition of penalties and the extension of warranties. Any such occurrence could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations. '

    (From the Risk Disclosure current F-20 Annual Report)

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    • The financial release was simply a cataloging of one land mine after another. Leaves you w/the feeling everything the company does outside Israel is an imponderable.

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      • Well they did try to diversify their way away from solely relying on the IDF for their contracts.

        Sometimes you got a decent little business that makes a small but predictable profit and then they get filled with all kinds of glorious expansion ideas.

        Clearly they are not up to managing an international business. But making 8c, or 18c, a year selling in Israel wasn't going to cut it forever for a stock trading in an $8 - 12 range. A reasonable PE of 10 or 15 would have valued the stock at one tenth of that. So I can understand their reasons for trying to goose sales and earnings. But now it looks like they've either sunk, or nearly sunk, the company.

        Consider yourself lucky. You only bought recently and have at worst a 15% loss. It wouldn't be too painful to move on and forget the whole thing.

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