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  • dagger452003 dagger452003 Jul 18, 2014 1:52 PM Flag

    New Products

    drawing attention .Like to see new revenue !!!

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    • CUBAL ,RUBIDON, ROBOGUARD, DTR4G and all the Security, Safety and Site Management solutions. The best part was the Cyber plus the Physical combination for full protection. Barriers, perimeters, Smart Fences all in combination with personal cyber protection. Cyber threats are just as real now days. The quarter was a catalyst.

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      • Combining Physical safety with the cyber threat protection will help grow the company. CyberSeal's RUBIDIUM is a unique SIEM system; enabling users in Security Operation Centers (SOC) to monitor the entire set of threats on sites including the cyber layer. The RUBIDIUM collects traffic information from various network equipment (such as Ethernet Switchers and Wi-Fi access points) and receives cyber threats and alarms from security appliances and applications such as the CyberSeal TUNGSTEN Cyber Security Ethernet Switch. **** Magal S 3 offers comprehensive integrated solutions for critical sites, managed by Fortis 4G - our 4 th generation, cutting-edge hybrid PSIM with SEIM (Physical Security Information Management system integrated with Security Information & Event Management). **** PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems), advanced outdoors CCTV / IVA technology and Cyber Security solutions barriers and smart fences ****cyber-security subsidiary, CyberSeal Ltd About PipeGuardTM
        PipeGuardTM is a sophisticated, patent pending sub-surface intrusion detection system for underground asset protection. Magal transformed its business and is now focused on delivering full security solutions for critical sites. These include seaports, airports, Utilities, oil & gas facilities, industrial sites, prisons, etc.
        Magal's flexible business model enables it to support all the various levels of the security supply chain:
        • End users - by delivering turnkey solutions
        • Tier 1 system integrators and contractors - by delivering the core security solution, complementing their project offering
        • and the system integrators by supplying PIDS and cyber products to complement their solutions
        Magal's In-house Capabilities
        In order to support our flexible model we had to develop a wide range of internal competencies:
        • In-house Software capability to develop our products and in order to be able to tailor solutions with fully integrated third party systems
        • Project delivery capabilities - from concept, through design, integration, installation, commissioning and through life support
        • Cyber knowhow - in house expertise to enable us to deliver products and full cyber security solutions to critical sites
        • The 21st century brings with it a constant risk of terrorist attacks, large scale illegal immigration,
        • increased crime and violent anti‐government protests, Riots, as a result of international and local issues; it is a small world and it is getting smaller every day.
        Terrorism and attacks on airports,
        with a Sept. 11th or a KLM Lockerby scenario in mind; seaports and sea shores with a Mumbai offense in
        mind and even more catastrophic, the possibility of a dirty bomb being smuggled into a large city.
        Nuclear stations are seen as an even greater risk after recent events in Fukushima crisis; and finally;
        • major international sporting events provide a perfect stage for opportunistic terrorists to “make their mark”.

        • Basic Fences and Smart Cameras
        Multi sensor systems – every detection system has some limitations and every site has unique
        requirement and constrains. • Microwave (μW) – Another type of virtual fence that creates an invisible electromagnetic beam.
        This is ideal for virtual gates, where the “gate” must be open for traffic during the daytime but
        must be shut down at off‐times, such as nights or weekends. It is also used as a standalone
        detection layer – either on top of walls or dead zones in prisons but also for temporary
        constructions, when the “virtual gate” must be easily installed and removed later.
        • Tailored robust grids – these are designed to plug critical holes in perimeter security systems by
        custom fitting a specific opening, such as canals, pipes, open tunnels or drains. The grid is fortified
        with either electro mechanical or electro optical sensors threaded within the steel.
        • Radar – Ground protection radars are ideal for a port’s open and clear areas • ____ Buried cable sensors – A virtual fence implemented by a smart cables, buried less than 9 inches underground.
        • .

    • Roboguard is a game-changer for this company similar to DGLY body-cams. As usual they shorted the gap up on earnings today but will get burned in the longer term as profits explode.

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