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  • gofobroke gofobroke Dec 28, 1998 11:36 PM Flag

    Who's bailing?

    MAGSF has been trading significant factors times
    it's daily average volume, on good news. Yet, this
    stock can't hold onto an uptick.
    Momentum ain't in
    this ones vocabularly. Does anyone have a clue as to
    why does this stock hit a wall, has no
    crossed the 50 day moving average, might see the 200 day
    mark. Then what?

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    • you seem to have a very low view of MAGSF. they have been good to me over the years. you just can't tell what there doing. but their money is good

    • Here we are discussing a company that puts up walls through a company that tears down walls. Hahahaha.


    • MAGSF can be as valid a momentum company as the
      internet stocks. The internet tears down walls, Magal puts
      them up. Let's face it, there will always be
      workplaces that need to lock the door. As for past momentum,
      check out the performance in 1996: It took two weeks to
      go from $3 to $15.

      When the IDF gets behind
      something, watch the orders fly in. Magal has set up a
      beacon saying, "Look at us. We're number one and we can
      handle more business." Clients don't need no steenking
      SEC documents. You think a 'pump and dump' company
      looks for business? This has been in the works for a
      long time. Profit margins should be healthy.


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      • 1996 sharp rise was due to a suspected bombing of
        an aircraft off the coast of Long Island. It has
        been 'proven' that faulty wires, or a problem with the
        fuel tanks caused that incident. MAGSF, BARR, INVN,
        VVID, ASE, and the rest of the socalled 'security crew'
        had nothing to do with that crash. All those stocks
        took off, they raised significant money on the hype,
        and they are now at their lows...particularly MAGSF.
        Past stock performance don't mean squat. Magal has had
        consistant earnings growth, lots of money in the bank, and
        they are probably the leader in the perimeter security
        business. Having said that, please re-read my posts. The
        last one was #169. This company's stock price can't
        hold water. They do not formally report to the SEC
        which probably prevents institutions (small as they may
        be) from taking a psoition and...analysts from
        tracking the stock. Look, it has a #3 in the research
        column with one analyst supposidely following it. Well,
        if he was following it he'd move to a buy! This
        company's performance warrants that. So why hasn't that
        happened? Why hasn't the Co. come out of the shadows and
        begin to properly report? That's what some of the
        investors are complaining about on this message board. Join
        in. Maybe the Co. will well as their
        products do.

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