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  • ougi71 ougi71 Mar 23, 2000 9:58 AM Flag

    3 reasons to invest in magal.

    Hi everybody. I just became long on Magal. Here
    are 3 reasons why:
    1. A peace treaty with either
    Syria or the Palestinians will require a border fence.
    Magal one all previous contracts with the army for the
    fence across Israel�s borders, and it has excellent
    chances for the new contracts. This could easily double
    the company�s revenues in 2001.
    2. A move into
    direct contracting in Eastern Europe will provide the
    company additional 20% growth over it�s 10% internal
    annually growth in 2000.
    3. Even without the upside the
    company is fundamentally cheep with P/E of 10 for
    Go MAGS!

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    • why is mags tanking?

      • 1 Reply to pieceomymind
      • Looks like a purely technical move to me -- i.e.,
        MMs trying to clear out some shaky longs prior to
        taking the stock back up again? In any case, it looks
        like a nice technical tail now in retrospect, with the
        ultimate upside close being bullish for the near future
        rather than bearish.

        Ouigi71 -- thanks for your
        post. Just became long MAGS again myself, after having
        bought and sold MAGS(F) at a profit a couple of years
        ago. Right now, MAGS is really a good one to just tuck
        away and forget about. It's truly a value + growth
        story. In addition, it now has a potential extra "hype"
        factor of being involved in the internet security
        business, assuming that they do indeed get involved in that
        per one of their recent announcements. In the past,
        I've liked to trade out of MAGS during terrorist
        events, when the stock would always rise 25-50% on the
        day of those events, only to slowly fall back to the
        trading range from which it came (when I'd usually get
        back in). However, this time, I'm seeing more of a
        secular growth story, so I'm going to be holding most if
        not all of my shares for the long



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