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  • by_moonlight2001 by_moonlight2001 Jan 4, 2001 2:36 PM Flag

    Are Insiders Selling?

    Are Insiders Selling?

    You know, who knows
    more than anybody about the prospects and financial
    well-being of a company?

    IMHO, it�s got to be the
    insiders, those supposedly in-the-know with often large

    So, wouldn�t it make sense to see what�s happening
    with the INSIDERS of the stock you own?

    I mean
    think about it, what if a founder or CEO files to sell
    a HUGE BLOCK of shares?

    1., does that mean
    that they�re afraid of something? 2., what will a
    liquidation of such a block do to the share price and YOUR
    position? 3., what�s it mean if they�re buying THEIR OWN
    stock back?

    This site has linked access to both

    Every investor
    should check this regularly: MAGS

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    • Normally I just add spammers' names to my already very long list of "igonores", but this one is so stupid that I thought I wopuld reply.

      Insider selling? Insider BUYING and in a big way, of MAGS, a stock that I have owned for a long time.

      Why do we have to read all this spam-jerkie-junk on Yahoo? Why does not each "ignore" vote count towards ostracism.

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