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  • Hedgeee Hedgeee Jan 23, 2001 4:43 PM Flag

    don't pay any attention to spammers

    they never read the replys! I'm long and looking forward to successful investing/ orders in Asia(India) which will be huge and very promising.
    Stock buy back is a joke! nobody is seriously selling, here!

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    • Perhaps the management knows something!
      Assume they get a huge order from India
      of only 1/4 billion, they can easily
      reach $33

      They have a market share of 40% on
      "fences" world wide and under Bush,
      military spending will increase.
      Probably he builds more prisons or so;-)

      The French and German profiles are much
      better than the English version!

      put it into the translator:;$sessionid$COZOHLAAANOEBUPXYKHSFEQ

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      • MAGAL Systems of Ltd security and its subsidiary companies manufactured systems of detection of
        intrusion during more than 30 years. Magal installed nearly 4500 kilometers of systems of
        detection of intrusion per cable tended (TWIDS) in the whole world by a network of agent and
        distributors. With its subsidiary companies in property supplements, Senstar-Stellar and
        Perimeter Products Inc, the share of gone of the group in the field of the external systems of
        security is of nearly 40% of the world market. Nearly 70% of the products of Magal are

        The Magal group has companies of marketing in Israel, in the United States, in Canada, in
        Mexico, in England and Germany, providing services of sale and the after-sales one. Three
        centers of manufacture of Magal and its subsidiary companies are located in Israel, California
        and at Canada.

        The group is a prevalent manufacturer of electronic systems of high security. These systems
        were used during nearly thirty years in protection sensitive installations in nearly 40
        countries and are approved by the authorities soldiers and of security in Israel and in the
        United States.

        At the time of the consideration of the problems of security to which face the sites high-risk,
        that they are airports, prisons, governmental installations, soldiers, marines and of the Air
        Force, nuclear power station or all site where is necessary a maximum level of security with a
        minimum rate of false alarms, the choice of the system of detection of intrusion in the
        perimeter is generally that of products manufactured by the Magan� group. These products are
        chosen by the authorities because of their Probability of Detection (PoD) unequalled and their
        negligible rate of false alarms (FAR).

        The principal products of the group are a broad choice of systems of detection of intrusion in
        the perimeter and Video systems of detection of movement. By combining one of the systems of
        Magal (as of the systems which we do not manufacture not) in a solution of integrated security,
        Magal is able to offer Key projects in hands answering all the requirements of the customer.
        All products of Magal are characterized by the four following points:

        Probability of the highest detection to date on any system comparable on the market.
        The Rate of false alarm low to date on any comparable system on the market.
        The advantage of obtaining an alarm as soon as possible in such manner that as soon as
        alarm sounds, the personnel of security will have sufficient time to act.
        Minimal confidence in alarm and the human attention, those having not being tired and
        not depending summer replaced by reliable systems that of a range of limited human

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