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  • tsandy_us tsandy_us Apr 22, 2000 12:35 PM Flag


    Bought OEI last year before the merger. Seemed to
    favor Seagull, so bought some Seagull. Sold after
    merger for a profit. Bought back in this year. Stock has
    had a good run-up, BUT is expected to do better both
    long and short term.Refer to atricle "Steady As She
    Goes" under Recent news for OEI. REserves grew last
    year 42%. Debt/Boe-32% improvement. Production-25%
    improvement.Daily production of natural gas-1999 491 million cubic
    feet per day. In 1999 504% reserve replacement. $600
    million debt reduction . Earnings out Tuesday 4/24.
    Expect good wall street reaction.

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    • the bank,it's going to get ugly.I think earnings
      should have been higher and it concerns me

    • it aint over til its over
      excardog has just
      made an excellent point

      e&p stock does not
      necessarily move up on the first day of an earnings report. I
      remember when Triton Energy had already made their
      discovery in Eq Guinea,West Africa, and went up to New York
      and Boston to share their story with the analysts
      there. Most shareholders thought this meant the good
      news they knew of would get out and the effect would
      be immediate
      to boost the stock.

      reality, the stock yawned and if I remember correctly even
      declined. Seemed that the stock was on definite rebound for
      those of us who had followed it down when crude price
      crashed, and then back up as it rallied from 6 to about
      17. The more analysts who upgraded the stock, the
      more days it would fall off from attempted rallies.
      People even commented on the message boards that they
      hoped no more analysts would recommend the stock cause
      it would go the wrong way each time they did say to
      buy it.

      Finally a couple weeks or so after
      that analyst meeting in NYC as I recall, the stock did
      take off like a rocket and the institutional money
      began to come in with volume buying. The stock closed
      yesterday at $36. I guess it takes those big money boys a
      bit longer than it takes us to get their finances
      together for buying into oil and gas stocks which are just
      returning to the black after scary flirtation with

      Stocks in blue chips are getting pricey, dot.coms are
      still iffy, and may be due for another correction
      before summer, so oils are the natural place for funds
      to invest some megabucks, imo.

      right on,

      I too would have rather seen it jump today on the
      earnings report. Guess I am a long term investor after

    • Buy whenever they have a client who wants

      My guess is a MSDW client who got in bigtime
      in the 6-7 area has decided to get out. Watch for a
      spike in volume (perhaps larger than normal blocks, on
      neutral or down ticks) for the next few days.

      OEI gets pushed under 12, it probably will not stay
      there long.

    • STock was holding up OK until the last hour when
      it fell.....not a really good sign. Agree catchum11
      we need a close over 13 1/4 to restore the MOOOO.

      Perhaps it was the internation results that were found

    • Reiterated a strong buy on OEI.

    • Should oei close under twelve,could get
      ugly.Oei had to make a higher high and
      looks like it's about to get ugly.We need
      to close above 13 1/4,and close above
      14 3/4.

    • The JAG Notes Staff was gave Paine Webber views on stocks today
      OEI reiterated as neutral

    • that move's in these stock's after earnings lag a few day's or so. That's what I have seen anyway. Good luck all.

    • <EOM>

    • report--is a bit disconcerting, but only means
      the overall market has not yet discovered

      The big money is going into dot.coms today and into
      the blue chips{non-oil}It will change eventually,
      imo, to recognize the reality of greatly enchanced
      cash flow in this company and this stock will move

      I too am disappointed it has not already done so,
      even as other oils do move up. Still the market is not
      yet properly recognizing the upside potential of the
      e&o sector in my opinion and they are much
      undervalued, imo.

      Time to buy more? To buy additional

      I couldn't get into the conference call although I
      tried repeatedly. Don't know why. First time I ever
      missed one due to equipement or software

      We have had Costa Ricans in our home as family and
      as guests and they are great God fearing people.

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