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  • el_latino1976 el_latino1976 Jul 12, 2002 8:45 PM Flag

    Gold Shorts II

    All you gold shorts should stop wasting your time trying to bash on Goldcorp hoping us longs will sell to make a few pennys when it drops. It takes more than your weak one liners, the Goldcorpers have heard much more from their financial advisors who recommended them to buy DELL and GE at $50. By the time this bear market is over with these two will be at under $10 easy.

    We bought gold shares when noone recommended and wanted them, we ignored the hype from Wall Street and know that the recovery is NOT around the corner. At the beginning of the year I told my financial advisor that the Dow would be at 8500 by year end, well its at 8700 and it ain't even mid July yet! Dow 7500 here we come..

    Hey gold shorts...have you ever heard of George Soros? He says the dollar will drop about 30%. Do you know what that will do to the price of gold? That's'll be headed towards the moon..

    Many investors who listen to these analysts on television will have no clue on what's going on, by the time they realize were in a depression they'll be standing in a soup line. People have no savings are deeply in debt. This market is over, it's earning time and it's not going to be pretty.

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