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  • cc_short_seller cc_short_seller Feb 1, 2003 3:17 PM Flag

    GG will disappoint on Feb 11th

    Don't be fools. Listen to the well respected gold analysts. GG rally is OVER! Also POG is due for a big price correction. The US$ will reverse its current slide. America is very strong. G-d bless Amercia. GG is an inflated gold pig. It should be trading at 10 times earnings not high 30's. I expect GG to be trading sub-$5 within six months.

    See ya down below folks.

    CC ;-)

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    • Hello Again JerseyJules:

      Thanks for that great post! I haven't made a move on the Call Options yet. Still watching and getting ready. Several options, including the July Calls, look good. Probably looking at mid-week to jump in!


    • >>>..i saw gg,s c.e.o on t.v. an i swore he said they have 9000 tons of gold in the vault,that would mean, every time gold goes up a dollar they make, 289,340,000 bucks american..<<<

      fanagain , your off a little , Gold is sold in "TROY OUNCES" , 12 oz's per pound not 16 oz's per pound , but the idea is right.

    • i saw gg,s c.e.o on t.v. an i swore he said they have 9000 tons of gold in the vault,that would mean, every time gold goes up a dollar they make, 289,340,000 bucks american

    • I'm going to have some happy people between now and Feb 12.

    • How true! GREAT earnings, BIG upward guidance, huge momentum in POG, no debt, ETC ETC...what more can you want than GG at this time....Set or re-setsell limit prices to 13.60 from 12.50 to 12.90 range...not at all out of line for real fair value at present moment ...actually could go to $15+ right now and not be overbought, not with GG to AOL for comparison...what IDIOT would be long AOL and not trade all shares, or other garbage issues folks holding out there..TRADE THEM IN, ESP.. AOL, FOR GG ...also great pick=AEM..high short interest in the face of GREAT fundamentals...great short squeeze just rolling it CONTINUE to happen $$$$$$$$$$$$.
      Also, don't forgot up to alsoload up in some GG 7/03 $10 calls on sale right now...were highly recommended at $3.90 or less..GREAT DEAL right now at 3.30/3.40 range or less...going for a definite double on these...think beyond this quarters earnings in GG, and AEM, for that matter, to the second 370+ gold...mmm



    • Doesn't your wife call you cc short. I'm one of the LONGS here. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!

    • RESOURCE CONSULTANTS, INC. (February Special Report) (email:

      "On Thursday, January 16, 2003, gold closed above it's 200 month moving average. Yes, you read it right. It's 200 MONTH moving average. This is very significant for the gold market. The current manipulation seems to be over. Even though there sill is some manipulation going on in the silver market and with gold stocks, the physical gold market should continue to move forward from here. It is our belief that there won't be any major correction in gold for some time. Any and all corrections however, will give you the opportunity to acquire more."

      They welcome calls at (800) 494-4149

      Gold appears to have arrived,
      Good Luck,

    • Is your crack dealer also your broker?

    • While you're wondering when to cover your GG shorts, keep in mind the stock you borrowed pays a dividend to all shareholders of record on February 10th. Naturally that means if you're still holding your GG shorts on the 11th, then you'll pay GG's dividends to the shareholders who bought your borrowed shares.

      I think it's safe to say your expiry is about three weeks off, so it doesn't matter one bit to you if GG disappoints or not on the 11th. The only thing that matters is the perception of GG before the 7th, prior to ex-div on the 10th and earnings on the 11th. You can either cover your positions before Friday the 7th, or you can cry over your losses and pay dividends on whatever shares you borrowed.

      You should stock up on vaseline if you think the hedgers won't cover most of their shorts by Friday the 7th - Monday is the 10th - if you think they'll stay short through ex-div and pay the dividends. You can bet your ass they'll cover, and if they cover before you do, then you'll need lots of vaseline to work your way in and find your head.

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      • tramueo: you dumbass, the GG dividend payable on the Feb 14 is only 2.5 cents per shares. Moreover, dividend paying stocks generally adjust accordingly when they go ex-dividend.

        IMO, there will be *no* Iraqi war. The Bush/Blair is all scare tactics. Saddam will concede shortly. In addition, the American economuy is recovering and will rolling along nicely in the 2nd half of this year. I expect the S&P 500 to be well over 1000 by year's end and the NASDAQ to be well above 1800. POG will be well below $300. Needless to say, the almight U.S. dollar will be near new highs.

        I strongly recommend you ignorant naive GG Longs unload this bloated POS stock early next week. Otherwise you will lose a large percentage of your GG position.

        CC :-)

    • All the analysis in that message if there was any is real nice. Blind optimism is great, but quickly turns into the loss of money where investment is concerned. If you're short you better act fast to make anything on your trade. Otherwise you'll get clobbered. Try grinning after that happens. You probably don't even hold a position though.

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