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  • bsk2007 bsk2007 Dec 1, 2003 10:43 AM Flag


    Do you like Northgate Exploration?

    I can't get my computer to pull up their reports. From what I can see their copper play is sweet.

    How's retirement treating you?


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    • bsk2007:
      I don't like to knock any gold stocks these days as we are near or already in an all ships rising mode. I always go for value in any case and this may or may not always give you the highest gains but I think it will cover the downside better (if there is any downside that is). I noticed Irishlass is high on Northgate so I took a look at it. Unfortunately it never turned me on as it has to be really good for me to get iterested since I am sitting nicely invested already. As John Embry said it started with a not so great situation with the Kemiss mine and now is branching out. The copper seems good and could make it a winner. From my earlier look at it they have to prove they can keep control of the costs. They have to use some huge trucks to move the ore to a mill etc and the transportation costs could go ballistic. Their tailings I believe have to be shipped all the way to Rouyn Noranda, Quebec but this may still be profitable (I don't know).
      It seemed to me they have to get the native councils all together yet and get on with the new mine to make it a winner. I got the feeling the new mine would be a similar extention to the old one but I didn't get the feeling there was a lot of room for big expansion. Like Embry we acknowledge it but aren't excited enough to buy as we feel there are bigger fish with oodles of leverage already out there. I am hoping those who buy or own it will make out just fine.
      Retirement is treating me just fine as my paper profits are going ballistic. I am a lazy poster and we need intelligent women around like you to offset all the idiots posting.

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      • I appreciate your opinion. Nice to know about the transporting costs. Thanks.

        As you know we make our living in the oil patch. If you're interested there is a micro-cap called Meridian Resources that is a potential powder keg.

        They are scheduled to drill 15 gassers in Louisiana next year. It's going to be a real zoo when they start releasing drilling results.

        Our company has been drilling for gas for going on 26 years now. Our largest find has been a little over 3 million cubic feet of gas per day. The smallest well TMR has hit is around 10 million.

        Check them out if you're interested. There are convertible interests who are artificially keeping the price down below there convert price, but once the show starts they won't be able to fight it.

        Anyway, thanks again for the info. It's nice to see you still posting over here. You are the only person I recognize from the old days. It sure seems like there is an awful lot of traders over here.


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