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  • goldengeo3 goldengeo3 Jul 17, 2004 11:19 AM Flag

    why why why why??????

    For every action there is a reason.

    McEwen comes out and says that the gold price is going to be between $370- 450 oz. and then he proceeds to sell at the lower range.


    McEwen expenses options after his sale thereby reducing future profits.


    McEwen increases gold inventory thereby reducing profits of nearby financial quarters.


    The stock is trading at a 20 P/E which is MUCH LOWER than any other gold producer.


    The company is drilling a second shaft which will incease production in the future. Why not indicate the effect on the bottom line of these costs and the expected production and profitability in the future?


    The announcement of a possible conversion to an income trust and the sale of a LARGE quantity of shares held by McEwen is only a short time period apart.


    Two senior exec's leave without so much as a logical explanation from McEWEN.


    When you smell something rotten you should perhaps open your eyes and try to evaluate where that smell is coming from or down the road you could smell rotten and not even know it.

    Look at all his actions and take them both ways. For the shareholders and against the shareholders.

    It appears to me that he is screwing the shareholders royally. At this time I would not turn my back on McEwen.

    Saying it the way I see it.

    Luck all. Hold on to your shares?

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    • forget about whys,
      when you know whys, it is to too late

    • Yeah?? Well, what about his nifty "Outlook" which just came in the mail?? It is full of glowing hype ... all is rosy, we'll all be rich soon kind of stuff. What about that??

    • He's out to screw the company,drive the price down so he can cause not only the small shareholders to loose money but also to get back at all those big greedy mutual companies and insiders that hold the stock.He's sick and tired of working like a dog since the late 1980's building the company from nothing,fighting to get rid of the union for years in the 90's,He's tired of years of keeping costs down and being the "low cost producer" .He wants to drive the value of his own net worth down because he has abandoned all material values.
      ...............As my hero Judge Judy says....
      If it does'nt make sense ...It's not true! tk

      • 1 Reply to tk34002002
      • Well said Tim, you are a man of vision and putting it in the tongue in check fashion that you did provides an even clearer view to collaborate my point that - like him, understand him, dislike him, not understand him - it doesn't matter to me. What I care about is his long term motivation which can only be to see the price of GG increase.

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