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  • el_latino1976 el_latino1976 Aug 3, 2004 11:07 PM Flag

    Stupid message board quotes

    I haven't been to this board in a while, now I know why..

    "HIGHER $ cause rates are going HIGHER. And we ALL know what that means..." Paco_85260

    I know exactly what that means, look at a chart with increasing rates and the price of gold, then look at a chart with decreases rates and the price of gold. From 35 to 850 with rising rates, from 850 to 255 with rates
    decreasing. We've got these dumb asses on television saying the gold is dead because of higher rates, but of course they spin everything to be a negative on gold because gold cannot be allowed to rise, they can't print gold like they can paper. We are being robbed through inflation but the people are too blind to see it. Gold is a currency with no country.

    "I think you are right. Gold needs to get use to riding up with the dollar or it is not going up. The dollar is still king." ronnie_davidson18

    Of course you think he's right, your Paco's boyfriend. The dollar had a high of about 120 on the index, now it's at 90, it'll decrease even more still. Oil is headed for 50 a barrel, what will that do to the economy and the dollar? The dollar has lost 95 percent of it's purchasing power since 1913, how can it be king when it loses that much purchasing power? Gold has been around for 5000 years, the dollar in the last 90 years is almost worthless.

    "Gold continues to fall as the price of oil continues up and the talk of a major terrorist act taking place with the US in the near future. More doom and gloom only chases gold down." rodney_brandson (probably ronnie under another name)

    The price of oil and the talks of major terrorist attacks are not the only things that will move gold up. Try:

    supply deficit
    China buying
    Gold Dinar
    7 trillion national debt
    inflation rising
    dollar decline

    "The dollar is doing fine." rodney_brandson

    Have you ever wondered how a person with no brains would sound on this message board? Well folks...there you have it.

    Rodney, every time I read one of your terrible posts my IQ drops by a few points, stop posting this junk you call a post..

    "And this problem may continue for years keeping gold in its long running bearmarket."

    Gold from 255 to 390, yea it's a bear market.

    "Increased production is also hurting gold prices." rodney_brandson

    If you look at the majors that reported you'll see that they are actually decreasing production.

    Where did these clowns come from?

    The last 3 posts by ronnie/rodney are the worst posts I've ever read.

    NU_Finance continues to kick your asses up and down this message board and still you two don't shut up.

    I would put you two on ignore but your actually pretty funny...

    -El Latino

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    • "Gold is a currency with no country."

      ROTFLMAO. Gold is just a commodity that no one has a critical need for.

    • You are without a doubt one stupid jerk. I said gold is still in a bear market. So who cares that gold has run from $255 to $390. It has been higher in at least 11 of the prior bearmarket years. That is proof in itself that the bearmarket continues. Gold is dead man, get use to it. You can preach doom and gloom until you are blue in the face but it will not help. You have been conned too long now. Wake the hell up dude.

      Gold has been around for 5000 years and is just as worthless today as it ever was. The dollar is still king dude. The increased production of gold which you read about daily is only reducing the price more.

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      • Rodney,

        There is a time to buy and sell everything. If you could go back to the first half of 1971, and you had a choice of picking up 35 new dollar bills or 1 oz of gold - which would you pick? (Knowing what you know now)

        Well I don't know about you but I would pick up as much gold (& silver) as I could. Then sell it in 1980/81.

        Curently, all the experts are saying the current debt, trade deficits, etc, etc, are unsubstainable. Looks like we are in the 70s again!

        I know I have said this before, but "Secrets of the Temple" is a great "award winning" book. It has one part where it discusses the "faith" issue of money and relates this discussion with the feelings with those of religion. If you have ever had a religious discussion (I've had many) with people that have strong religious belief systems, you know you can't change their minds because they don't won't to change. AND that's OK with me, but don't drink the Kool-aid!

        I think Rodney would not only drink, but make others drink too, like Roosevelt did in 1933. Personally, I want to be able to buy gold/silver when I want and sell when I want. Right now I don't believe in fiat money, when interest rates go to 18%, I might get the faith again and be reborn, but gold/silver will still settle at a much higher price than it is today.

        Good luck to All, JWP

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