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  • reticiiz reticiiz Jan 7, 2005 7:57 PM Flag

    GLG - nice try but.

    "Under the terms ... Goldcorp at $17.80 per common share and represents a premium of 22.6%..." - Ya that would be the case if GLG was $20 but they aren't let's see they're in fact at 15.70. Remember GLG had a nice peak and it was also due to the NR and POG at the time was over priced but a good time to use to make the offer sound great.

    "...The combined company will create a world-class, pure gold producer that should attract substantial interest from gold investors" - you don't think wht/gg would?

    "Unlock Additional Value in Red Lake" - that's what wht/gg will do too. - nothing new here

    "Professional, Operations-Oriented Management. Glamis brings to the combined company a professional, operations-oriented management team experienced in both acquisitions, and mine development and operations" - What? Didn't WHT have a better growth with CEO who is one of the best in the business for great acquisition at a bargain prices?

    "Pure Unhedged Gold Producer." - I thought GLG had silver too?

    "Diversified Portfolio.. " - WHT will add to that too with more cash.

    "Outstanding Growth Profile.." - Well gg/wht aim will be 1.1ml oz by 2007 if I'm correct and goal of 2mill oz. GLG can't beat that.

    "Financial Strength...approximately $500 million in cash and gold bullion with minimal debt. The average annual cash cost over the next five years is projected to be approximately $120 per ounce" - let's see GG has 315 mill now plus another 70 mill in bullion that being 385million coming directly from GG so GLG is saying they will be very glad to take that from GG and use it for their own venture. Would that mean that the deal is some 385 million less than what GLG is offering. Oh Wait WHT/GG merger would have close to a 1 billion is cash and gold. Which sounds bigger to you??

    In every aspect of the deal wht/gg is a better combination. Will be a bigger growth story and will have improved P/E in the future. GLG had a nice run up due to their El Sauzal mine openning around the High for POG and thus it had a nice valuation at the time. So it's not surprising they are using that time frame to try to tell GG shareholders they're getting a 17.80 for their shares -BS. GLG/GG isn't as good of a combination as wht/gg merger - end of that.

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