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  • dirty_sanchez6661 dirty_sanchez6661 Feb 22, 2005 11:10 AM Flag

    GG is up .50+ ... This is a Rouse

    Congrats to you, You must have done well on your WHT shares.

    I was a bit disappointed in the GG/WHT merger as those WHT shares had (IMHO) $5.80 written all over them (in time). I have taken a starter position in GG and look to expand it as it heads north.

    good luck,

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    • This has been my best hit ever. I started buying WHT at 1.02 and added when it dropped to .80 and kept buying the dips so I'm averaged in now at just under 2.00 Pretty nice to own the new GG at less than 8.00/shr. SSRI is looking pretty cheap here too. The interesting one is NXG. Looks like the miners want a bigger piece of the pie. The wage increases start at the bottom of the chain; in the raw materials and work their way on up. I remember in the early 80s getting salary hikes of 13% and 14%. I couldn't believe it. I don't know what they were offered by NXG but if they push too hard there's all those Indian engineers just waiting to take their jobs if the company ever wants to play hardball. If the miners start going on strike for a piece of the action all over the place, it's going to drive minerals prices through the roof. Copper went over 1.50 this morning and I'm wondering when the Chinese will come in to drive it down. They've been playing it like a cheap violin lately and we all know they aren't delivering into those shorts. The price recovers quicker and quicker each time. This is getting really interesting. I sure hope those NXG guys settle soon though. I'm sitting on about a 1.75 price on that one with a pile of shares. Hate that red ink.


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