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  • el_latino1976 el_latino1976 Mar 17, 2005 10:47 PM Flag

    I was watching a show that i recorded

    on Bloomberg a few years ago, they interviewed an author of a book on the real estate bubble; I forgot I even had it.

    On the side they were showing the ticker symbols of the Dow, Nasdaq, S&P, also shown was the price of gold and silver, gold was at under 300 and silver at 4.50.

    I remember back in 2000, Little Latino was buying shares and a few coins here and there, man I wish I would have bought much more gold and silver and gold/silver shares when the price of the two metals were very low. I knew the price would move up but I always had that little doubt.

    I think a few years from now we could be looking back at 430 gold and 7 dollar silver and think the same thing...why didn't I buy more? why did I doubt?. It's moved up nicely but there is still much more to go. We are still a long way off from the old highs.

    Not too many people are in the metals market, I have never came across another person who is interested in the metals. I'm as close as your going to get to the "average man on the street" and let me tell you, the average person is FAR from being interested. They are all caught up in real estate. They have no idea of whats going on with the dollar. YOU know what�s going on because your reading these message boards, you know about the 1500 ton yearly deficit, you know we are mining less gold every year, you know huge deposits are hard to find, and you know that Goldcorp is on its way to my target of 40+. Buy now while it�s still early in the bull market, sell when Clarence (The truck driver) comes to my work and shows me the nice gold coins he bought.

    -El Latino

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