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    • Good afternoon most certainly was...this statement caught attention as timing is everything in the fiat may very well just have hit upon China's delay in revaluing....when the world really really wants it raise the price:

      "First, the paper-trained world will rush to the yuan - but, ultimately, only gold remains. (The Chinese are already being told by their government to stack up on gold. One could only wish that our own government had as much foresight as the Chicoms.)"

      Think the western bankers to their peril (as evidenced by focus on dollar and euro) ignore the east beyond what those countries might do to support western ventures...while the west's glass is half empty the east's is half full and a stealth bomber the east's economic assault is IMHO full throttle forward..early phases were to round up key commodities ie Venezuelan oil, Canadian metals, African oil/NG etc etc...they have worked some key deals recently with India to "dominate" technology....and what are they using to pay for alot of this?...that landfill of slapping tariffs on them as the author suggest is not going to be particularly effective....great article..thank you sir..regards, groucho

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