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  • larryland24 larryland24 May 21, 2005 8:36 PM Flag

    Mr. Bush

    I voted for Mr. Bush in the last election because I liked his policies of free trade and opening up markets to other countries. The tax cut for the rich however I did not like and now his constant crusade to deny benefits to future retire folks that are depending on ss. while keeping the tax cut in place for the wealthy who do not need the money it does not make any sense to me. Is he trying to destroy his political party or what! You cannot have your cake and eat it also! Let's face facts, our def. are the result of mainly that tax cut and now they want the people who did not benefit from the tax cut to now bear the burden through ss cuts!

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    • People only guide george when something wrong has occured or some evildoer points out a mistake.

    • I am only alive because lord god bush allows me to live. If you wish my death, pray to lord god bush and he will decide if he shall fullfill your prayers.

    • Just because it's a big corp don't mean it is honest.

      Look at the kleptocracy called Halliburton.

    • NY TImes is Bush's best pal these days....They chearled the Iraq invasion...Havent said a thing about A male prostitute visiting the White House over 150 times...Nor have they harped about the disposition of over 100 billion of Iraqi Oil sold...Nor have they said much about the 8.8 billion in cash stolen...The money missing under Bush is mind boggling...GOP controlled/owned media says nothing.

    • response. However, for a CEO to risk his career on even the hint of a "fix" of the election just does not add up.

      Diebold is not a small company. The standard of living enjoyed by him and his family could vanish in a blink of an eye should any of whatever it was he alleged he did to put the fix in.

      Where is all the noise from the Dems?

      How is it that a "German" source is quoted?

      Where is the US media?

      Is it possible that coverage of that pedophile in CA is more important than election fixing?

    • "why would someone risk his continued millions in earnings just to fix ONE, ONE, state. That guy would have to be awfully stupid. What's in it for him?"
      Firstly, I'm not saying he did, but here are possible reasons why......Diebold, based in Ohio, the CEO was Bush's Ohio presidential campaign leader or fundraiser leader (I forget which) until people saw a conflict in this and he stepped down from that position, No Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio (as it turned out, the election did all come down to Ohio), and both parties will stoop to anything to win elections. None of this means he did fix the Ohio election, they are simply possibilities.

    • conspiracy crap that has been posted here recently, this seems the least believable.

      Would you please provide some type of support for your statement.

      A couple questions questions:

      - the NY Times and Boston Globe, avowed Bush (Republican haters) would have would have run this up the flagpole incessantly, why not?

      - why would someone risk his continued millions in earnings just to fix ONE, ONE, state. That guy would have to be awfully stupid. What's in it for him?

      I learn something new everyday. Please help me out.

    • the rich have had tax cuts starting in '82/'83 with the use of surplus SS receipts; now that the boomers are approaching needing their contributions, the rich want SS destroyed if at all possible--tax collections are gonna have to make up for all of those years surplus spent for one thing or another, including tax cuts for the rich.

    • Before the Nov election a German publication quoted the CEO of the voting machine company that he would see to it that Bush wins Ohio.

    • Yes!

      And this is the exact point so many people are ignorant about!


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