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    • It would seem to me that, with the extreme level of political risk that Venezuela poses, Ian Telfer and the rest of the brain trust at Goldcorp would be perfectly nuts to take a second look at HL.

      Yes, HL has underground mining expertise, but GG seems to be quite blessed in that regard. And, yes,the Venezuelan properties and La Comorra may have gold, but what guarantees are there that El Presidente Chavez would let them keep mining? HL has already had its offices entered and books "looked at" by the government goons.

      And there's also the Chinese angle. Chavez and the Chinese may like nothing more than to give the finger to the US by taking a resource property away from a US company after the CNOOC fiasco. KRY may also be in that pot as well.

      There's also the fact that Thomas Fudge, Hecla's vp-operations left the company effective Aug. 1. Was his ethical nature too offended by what he sees coming? It's not that he wasn't competent.

      Telfer and GG ought to run and not walk away from this half-baked Hecla idea if they have brains at all.

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