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  • mac_happy_70 mac_happy_70 Aug 14, 2005 11:34 AM Flag


    wow great to hear from you. where you been. you got that right about rhythm, me, and gg. totally screwed up. i just have not been able to get with this stock. i never should have wavered from wht and gg being the absolute best stock in the sector. well wht, gg maybe second, but together number 1. i am like 80% in cash in stock account. but silver, about 30% invested now of what i normally am. sold large portion of position at 7.60 top. just waiting for opportunity to really load up. great to hear from you pen, but you are right on about me and gg.

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    • Thanks to mention that... I actually have to bring one home today. Almost forget.

    • Try the Harry Potter books.

    • Well, I am also just get into this. I am sure there are a lot of books about this; but I have not read much. - May be I should. My base line is if the stock goes up to resistance, write a call and if it falls to support write a put - For good solid stocks that you want to keep only. Actually I have wrote call twice in the past two monthes for this stock and last time, when it comes to option expiration, the stock is pushed back to the option price before it goes up again.

      I think actually gold is good place to do it because it actually does not go up or down that much - relatively.

    • Thanks Jeap,

      I've been toying with the idea of writing covered calls on my GG when the opportunity is right....all my GG is in my IRA so I can't write puts ( I don't think )....but I dont think now is the time to experiment with writing the calls...I think things can move to quickly right now...and I'm pretty sure the call market is not as easy to get in and out of. But I'd like to learn more about this...any good ideas of books or websites I can reference?

      Live and learn...

    • This is the option ex week. I think after Friday, the price is going up again. I wrote some put at 17.50 and am waiting for it to expire. As long as gold price is going up, the stock will follow. $17.50 is good entry once we start the up trend.

    • Canuk,

      Thanks for the input...from my own DD I understand the seasonality of this sector...wouldn't think of being out of this stock for very long. But from watching this stock, especially after the conference call today and couple that with options expiration looming straight me it looked like a good opportunity to sell and get right back in around the 17.50 area.

      I am surprised with how quickly it dropped this afternoon so I'm looking for some follow through tomorrow...but you never know.

      Thanks for your contributions to this message board...while I don't always agree with everything you're a good read....and always worth a laugh or two when you say something to get under the skin of some of your "fans".

      Live and learn...

    • Between now and the end of November is the traditional strong season for gold and gold related equities ...

      I am a trader, that is my nature, when I buy a stock it is for one purpose only and that is to sell it ...

      But for others, it might be better to stake out your positions now and just let them ride for the next 3 months ... it is not a long period to hold and there is little lost opportunity if nothing happens, still plenty of time to move on to something else ...

      Just a near term thought, lol ...


    • it is obvious you have a serious problem...
      on iggy you go...along with you know who...

    • Canuk,

      Thanks....but it's starting to look like I might be wrong with my reentry price of 17.50, in a few might be

      Live and learn...

    • I've learned incredible amounts from discussion site s and message boards. If someone post wise counsel on a message board it doesn't mean it is bad counsel. You do need to judge for yourself.

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