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  • Manu3333 Manu3333 Aug 24, 2005 11:43 AM Flag

    Bush Gang Oil Fraud

    What is more oil going to do if refineries are operating at capacity....!

    IMO Oil is going higher!

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    • Bush's biggest contributor was Enron. Bush flew around during the 2000 campaign on Enron corporate jets. Ken Lay was described by Bush as a "good friend". When Enron collapsed, suddenly the Chimp's "good friend" became an "aquaintence". Bush/Cheney refused to intervene in the California energy crisis, even when it was clear that it was totally manipulated, resulting in BILLIONS of dollars lost to the greed of a few parasites.

      Get a grip on reality, my friend. The US is being run by an organized crime syndicate.

      Google WTC7 and connect the dots. World Trade Center 7 collapsed on the same day as the Twin Towers. It was not hit by an airplane. Yet it fell after a small fire of unknown origin burned in one corner. Yet a whole city block of a building fell - all the vertical members failing at exactly the same time - an impossibility unless it was a controlled demolition.

      If WTC7 was a controlled demolition, then what about the Twin Towers? There are videos out where you can see the explosive squibs going off just ahead of the collapse - and a janitor who was there is telling anyone who will listen that there were explosions in the basement when the planes hit.

      As always, do your own due diligence, my friend. And THINK!!!

    • Each day holds a miracle.

    • "What you're saying is this is all in my post you could find to disagree with?"

      There was no need to go further ... your basic premise was wrong, therefore everything else that followed from that faulty premise is, ipso facto, also wrong ...


    • Oil gang learned from Enron. Same BS same manipulation. Study Calif. electricity shortage and you get same scenario with oil.

      Only now it is run by the White House. Who cares! Let them charge whatever the market can bear. Its only money!

    • I knew you'd jump on that. good boy
      What you're saying is this is all in my post you could find to disagree with?
      Gotta' love ya' for bein' a pushover.

    • Enron? Weren't those the guys that were always staying overnight at the White House? The Clinton White House. I believe they got into trouble due to some shenanigans they pulled between 1994 or 5 thru about 2001, right?
      Let's see..... Who was president then... ?
      can't remember right off the top of my head....
      Had it just a second ago......
      Get back to you on that.

    • Reasonable profit or mark-up to make a project come to market. Those were figures that were bantered about 2 years ago. Haven't seen anything lately but I am sure readily available.

      As far as I am concerned the whole oil bubble is an Enron manipulation of price manipulation.

      The only reason it has worked so far is because the Enron creative accounting is blessed by the Bush-Cheyney team for all participants from the Oil Cartel of producing countries to the oil mega-monopolies of distributors - the big sisters of old.

    • You remember...... the profit..... being included in the........ cost?
      I believe the near tripling of the cost of oil sands over conventional though.Likely much more. Just wait until the Canadians find out what they are losing so a few producers can profit. Tar sands will come to a screeching halt.

    • I'm afraid if the answers were that simple someone besides us would have put a stop to it long ago.
      So... I guess I'll have to go with the fact that China, India, and others' economies have come online and are competing for resources that are finite.
      Also add to that the market's realization that one well placed terrorist's bomb in Saudi Arabia could greatly reduce supplies in a big hurry.
      Another biggy is Iran, which is on the brink of either major internal strife, or a few well placed cruise missiles......
      Venezuala, with a dictator that is anti USA.
      Of mention of course is Iraq,
      The big players on the supply side
      Many other reasons such as the environmentalist movement in this and other countries, curtailing domestic production, and, as has been discussed this morning, refining capability.
      I don't do well with conspiracy theories, mainly because they would be so hard to enact in real life. That IS what we're talking about here right? Real life?
      Goldman Sachs and an unnamed trader rigging the price that the world is paying?
      Oh God help us! We're doomed! :-)

    • I remember reading it costs about $6/barrel to deliver oil to market and $16/barrel for the oil sands. This included profit and marketing.

      The oil gang controls the refineries. They are all a bunch of Enron clones. They make not $billions but $Trillions as Bush and Cheney play a chess game with American soldiers.

      Bush and Cheney are ex-oil men and yu have to be brain dead not to make the connection. No wonder Cheney did not want to release the oil-men conference he had before all this started.


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