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  • dice742 dice742 Apr 1, 2006 7:46 PM Flag

    What Happened To JC?

    Simple. His boiler room got closed down!

    That's what happened.


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    • Good response to post think that the discussion over the WHT & GG merger was healthy and worthwhile for all...think that's the sort of thing these boards were meant for...believe that some misrepresentations of the facts were put forth either inadvertently or intentionally that may have cost some posters who relied too heavily on what they read here without added benefit of DD...also benefited from SLW discussion as well as USGL and JC certainly was most helpful in bringing those two stocks to this investor's focus...since we don't know any of the motives, agendas or the integrity level of anyone posting here would hope that no one relies on comments made here without independent confirmation....public forums IMHO mean open to all opinions...wish the overriding desire of posters here would be a 100% effort to provide information or ask questions about data that would improve the portfolios and expand knowledge for all participants...we are foolish IMHO to believe that this small band of investors posting here have any affect at all on the stock price but we could be formidable in our portfolio performance if we worked together...would think that we have enough on our plates manuevering through the marketplace without trying to undermine one another for some perceived short term gain...last comment...think each day is a gift...hate to see it ruined for anyone who is the target of insults as to their person...posters that engage in that really are not IMHO an asset in any setting...take care sir and good to hear from you...regards, groucho

    • He decided to take a vacation for a week or two from the wackos on this board (you).
      He'll be back and refreshed next week to answer all schitophenics (you)... and you better check my SP on schitzo it just ain't right).

    • Hello Groucho, it's been a while.
      JC wasn't alone in his worries about the merger of WHT and GG. Even Omniportent, who I thought worked at Wheaton River, had second thoughts about it. It was a very big thing for me; I had more WHT than I should have had, but it was (is) a compelling investment.
      Be that as it may, I pulled two thirds out and went into DEZ and SLW and have held on ever since. I think a number of folks from the old board did the same.
      But back to JC, I'm in the "glad to have him on the board" camp. He gives me pause from time to time, which is good. As well as we've done in the markets the last four years, we need a little shot of hubris vaccine.
      And I always, sir, read your very polite and usually thoughtful posts.
      Good investing to you...


    • here has never been atime that J.C. failed to answer aquestion I asked him about a particular stock. It has been much appreciated. In addition he has been very positive about certain stocks in the past 6 months that I have owned and are doing particularly well- namely SLW and UUU.V. I believe there are far more people on this board who enjoy his postings than do not.

      Hear! Hear!

    • Good afternoon....your comment suggesting that the "vitriolic posts are due to losers venting their rage at being losers" is odd in light of the fact that most here are financial winners in a very big large part because of the Wheaton Goldcorp merger of which JC was very much are correct that you can put anyone on the question sir is why you read those vitrolic posts you found here? regards, groucho

    • Please be aware that gold wont tarnish or rust or deteriorate in any manner. treasure ship gold has been recovered from oceans bottoms in pristine condition, brigt shiny as the day the ship went down. it is scarce enough to be valued on its own besides the beauty as an ornament. its only drawback is its weight, which makes it unique to all other
      metals besides ugly lead. gold is forever

    • johnny_canuck_goon_number_126 johnny_canuck_goon_number_126 Apr 2, 2006 4:02 PM Flag

      Yep, we goons miss him too!

    • The posting-machine known as "Johnny Canuck" was closed down, by Imperial Order of Her Essential Majesty's Police, for generally obnoxious behavior, and for posting on a non-penny-stock bulletin board.

      That machine, running non-stop from the Old Miners Rest Home located somewhere in Quebequois, was only chartered to run on penny- and loser-stocks.

      Now that the equivalent of a Wheaton share would be $7., it no longer qualifies as a penny stock.

      Look for that machine on "Golden Dream Mines", "Pig Hollow Creek Mining Company", "Golden Glitter Gold Mining and Gold Company", and other stocks selling in the one to 3 cent range.

      As JC would say, "theys gotta lotta mo room ta move up then down".

    • Yes, JC misrepresented the truth, and did what he was paid to do. Those, like myself, who have known him for years, beginning years ago on the WHT messsage board, realized he was a paid basher, whose job it was to discourage all longs. After a while, most investors, especially on the WHT Board, learned to ignore his bashing. However he did now and then come up with some gems. Though he was a paid basher, paradoxally, he was a very knowlegable person. It was JC who first mentioned DEZ when it first listed on the AMEX. I made a fortune on that. But then again, if I listened to him about WHT, I would be broke. Bottom line, do your own research and due diligence before investing, and take all Johnnys with a grain of salt.
      He is probably on vacation, and will be back in a week.

    • He was a figment of your own minds. What will you all do now?

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