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  • krt0l krt0l Apr 4, 2006 7:41 AM Flag



    PLEASE??? Why'd it go way up??????
    Can anyone explain to me
    (in simple layman's terms)
    WHAT the hell CAUSED the rise in Gold
    (and Silver) Prices in 1980?????

    they shot way up high.

    what caused that???????

    This topic is deleted.
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    • The arrival of the Mimi-Virus "goldmunchers" which wiped out that years crop ... it, later, went into an incubation phase down at the bottom Red Lake shaft #2.

    • Stagflation, rising prices, ssssllllooowwww growth, negative interest rates and maybe they were screw'en with the numbers then too. Sounds like the same conditions that exist today, funny numbers, slow or no growth, with gm & f, negative growth. So, why the hell is gold rising anyway? Let's see, the world's brilliant economic engines lones us trillions,they continue to loan us trillions...are they making money on us or are they just collecting IOUs? Rising RE taxes, Utilities, dipping home sales, why is RE still going up? Lot's of wealth will simply disappear in a few days, maybe the rising price of gold signifies folks trying to trade in nothing for something, I don't know, I'm not even up to a layman's terminology, I still collect seashells for money.

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      • When investors talk about gold prices, 1980 is usually the first time period that comes to mind. That's because more than a few people bought the early 1980 spike and were left with heartburn after the drop-off.

        However, few people who invoke 1980 discuss gold's rise between 1970 and 1980. In January of 1970, gold was $35/oz. Nixon closed the gold window in the summer of 1971 and ushered in a new era of the war between gold and fiat currency.

        Ten years later, in January of 1980, gold had spiked over 20x the 1970 price for the reasons snake_oil_inc lists, not to mention the energy crisis and Middle East political unrest.

        I remember my father trading in his Impala, buying a 4 cylinder Subaru, and installing solar panels on his house. Those were some wacky times, but remember that history often repeats itself.

        As for myself, I've bought the dips on gold and silver both since the late 80s. Dollar cost averaging has been kind.

    • I told you on the NEM board. Iranian "students
      held US hostages creating turmoil and fear.

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