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  • mardermj mardermj May 16, 2006 12:53 PM Flag

    picked up 1900 shares at 32.89

    and plan to buy more at 33 this afternoon.

    Didn't write down all the goodwill? Jesus this CEO hasn't a clue.

    Gold better hit $850.

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    • interesting that you're complaining about non-cash earnings charges driving down share price, then benefitting with the rest of the risk-loves (like me) by buying into the decline.

      when/if the sector matures and becomes closer watched (think 1980) gg will continue to benefit by having higher quality earnings. besides, if their acquisitions are going to be funded out of cashflow (like they said) and not stock, it will eventually be recognized in the market.

      you're too smart....don't panic like the guy with the nervous laugh near the end of the call...."i mean, what's to keep someone from coming in and stealing the company ...hehhe...uh i mean, uh....we're down like 24%...he he...."


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      • There's no morality in buying low and selling high, if the CEO is that much a jerk that esoteric bullshit like earnings "quality" in a mathematical universe has anyone giving a crap and the stock tumbles you bet I am going to take advantage of it to average down.

        I don't see anything wrong with protecting my total position.

        This isn't a morality play, it's a market, and if somebody yells fish for sale dumb or intelligently couched, I am checking out the price to be a buyer as that makes the most sense to anyone who makes a market.

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