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  • reticiiz reticiiz Jul 26, 2007 1:56 PM Flag

    Real good time to buy

    The recession is a guarantee, question is - will there be a depression. The party in power doesn't move things and is really irrelevant. The bankers control things and if they inflate you have inflation. At present the FED is inflating paper and hasn't began to tighten the money supply for the public greatly. I say general public because government's loans are almost as good as gold. Once government finds that the interest in treasuries is falling or they can't afford to spend they will have to start raising taxes. With paper being printed you see money inflation, they're raising minimum wages by a good bit, that all translates to inflation as those paying min wages will have to recoup that somewhere - that translates to higher products.

    No major inflation can be seen due to countries like China who have their currency pegged to US - China's basket of currencies is mostly USD. The Fed looks at inflation when it comes to rates and they may tweak inflation numbers to a point to delay raising rates as economy degrades but in due time they will raise rates.

    Other item to take note with the "party in power", they have passed some very interesting laws in the last while and if there is another "terrorists" attack you can see George take steps necessary to postpone elections due to crises, also possible war can do similar effect.

    So however the bankers spin things short term as they work on their long term goals it's best for people to get out of debt now and have some physical bullion on hand as inflation will eat into savings and rates will go up to contain inflation and as circle goes if depression happends the savings will be gone and prices may fall but who's going to pay for new car if people are out of work and willing to work for less ;{ And if everything turns out just peachy than at least you have home paid off and have some gold to leave for your kids.

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