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  • LG_MUSCLES LG_MUSCLES Jan 22, 2008 6:09 PM Flag

    Where is Johnny Cannuck?

    JC you must be sipping umbrella drinks by now? We are in the biggest gold bull run in history surely your not tiring out now? Look where the FED is now, we have them between the crosshairs and their grazing on derivatives in that field by the Whitehouse. Don't you want to mount Ben's head in the trophy room...ha ha ha.

    I had a great day today, probably the best market day in my life. Toronto bounced back 500+ points from its 600 point tumble. Gold just got a huge shot in the arm from helicopter Benny, you gotta come out and play...ha ha ha. :)


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    • Thanks, things may have changed there, it was small potatoes to me in the past.

      Kinross seems to have shrugged of the dilution blues today. The gold bull is still alive :)
      The Fed will probably slash again next week, as they get more 4th qtr bad news from the banks.
      What a mess!

    • Amen brother contrarian....Amen.

    • hbrown,
      I saw that post and checked it out ... the deseased didn't match jc's profile. It was a scam by a poster I wouldn't describe as reputable.

      I do believe jc has passed and that is very saddening, but it wasn't the person in that obituary.

      The quality of posts on this board has declined steadily since his departure, and I doubt we'll ever see another here as knowlegable as him.

      Wherever he is, I'm sure he's grinning from ear to ear and rolling in a pile of that fiat currency he loved to defend.

      RIP jc, you are sorely missed.


    • Thanks.
      I didn't realize what had happened..

      JC loved pushing peoples buttons....thats what made it so fun to read. I think he got a chuckle out of people's tempers.

      I own a fair amount of shares in Kinross, so I don't come over here very often. Goldcorp in my opinion, is a good trader. It has a little to much copper stuff for me, but heck if you make money at it all the power to ya'll. Telfer was getting on my nerves when I did own some shares, so I am actually glad I stayed out.
      I tried a few of Mcewans sister properties and haven't really hit pay dirt. Rob is a cool guy and I think he is probably one of the better gold CEO's in this business. I actually met him personally in Calgary and he handed me the biggest sample I have ever seen....very cool in deed.

      I was looking for some advice in Uranium, so if anyone has some JR's who have legitimate tonnage, I'm willing to read their spec sheets. I have worked in the U business, so be warned I don't buy one hole wonder stories very well. I currently like Denison and UEX in this space. I also like ESO but that is an acquired taste. I also think Cameco is undervalued and there is some serious market manipulation in that stock. BHP probably has the finest ore body on the planet at Olympic dam in OZ, but BHP is way to big for my portfolio.


    • It was a contract killing; after his divorce from his Italian wife - Downtown Vancouver BC Canada. FEMINAZIS IN CANADA CAN KILL ANY MAN, AND NOBODY CARES.

    • I think someone on this board who knew him said he died....

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