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  • mardermj mardermj Jul 14, 2008 6:17 PM Flag

    Historic Week as POG=10X 1971 Float

    Nixon's the one allright, who put the deathknell in fiat 1971, but this week, when gold hits $1050, is a milestone of sorts.

    After he floated fiat against gold per ounce, $35 static price held in place by law, tripled in a year.

    36 years later, it is 10X the float this week.

    That's about 6.8% a year, the true inflation rate of the dollar against, well, just about everything.

    That means your 40K house is worth 400K, your 240Z for $3495 costs $34950.

    About the only things to decrease in real value, and substantially, is electronic wonders like TV's.

    $1095 will get you a 47 inch 720P state of the art last year, which is about four times the size and lineation of that oldie but goodie of 1971.

    So, my perscription is, stop driving, stop eating, pitch a tent on public land, tap into a land line, and watch TV over an antennae.

    Don't knock it, that is one way to get HDTV, and at 47 inches, you don't need the full 120HZ sweep 1080 deep clarity.

    Look at all those free Star Trek reruns on A little bit of fuzziness helps Shatners toupee look more realistic.

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