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  • wyattjames76 wyattjames76 Dec 7, 2008 7:40 AM Flag

    yaya & sherman

    This is how it works. yaya is a volume dealer. He makes his money by posting hundreds of times a day using various aliases on various message boards hoping to draw responses. He gets the most responses when he angers people with crude, illogical, or taunting messages. If he can get responses to 5% of his posts, he makes money.

    To facilitate the responses yaya uses a "shill" alias. On this board he uses the "shermandrock" alias. "shermandrock" attacks the "yaya" posts thereby encouraging others to post attacks as well. It's exactly like the old carnival days when the snake oil salesman had shills in the audience to make the first purchases thereby encouraging the marks to buy the garbage.

    If you respond to "yaya," shermandrock," or any of the dozen aliases he uses, you make him money and encourage him to continue posting. If you ignore his posts, or better yet, rate his posts 1 star, he will eventually go away to other boards where he can make money.

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    • Hey shermy. Nobody needs or wants your help. We all really want you to just go away. You add NOTHING to this board.

    • Another signal that sherman/yaya is posting is his use of a stylistic crudeness, particularly when he uses a female pseudonym. Again, this is designed to shock the reader into responding to his post. The best response is to put that pseudonym on ignore along with the others.

    • If the OP is correct, and the poster known as Sherman/YaYa (S/Y) is the same person, and a professional "shill", then who pays him?

      S/Y must not be the only instance of a Finance Board shill. Anyone know of any investigation or articles on this new niche profession? What do finance board shills get paid?

      I always figured finance board shills were just guys with a long or short position hoping to make their position pay off.

      Also, what do S/Y have to say about the charges?

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      • Please search "message board bashing" on any search engine and you will find the answers to most of your questions. You will also find articles disputing the practice so you can read, compare, and make up your own mind. However, you can take into account what has happened on this board to help formulate your conclusion.

        Before I, and others in this string, began posting on the subject, yaya/sherm posted hundreds of posts every day and thousands of posts every week on the GG board. yaya/sherm would use various alias' to post his nonsense. There was never any substance, analysis, or basis for this mindless dribble. He's smart enough to know that if he starts citing false statistics, reports, etc., he will violate the law. So it was just a constant barrage of "GG is going down," "I'm shorting now," "gold is in a downward trend," "I told you so...listen to me," etc. thousands of times a week.

        Since our posts brought light to his activities, he rarely bashes hoping that, in time, everyone will forget and/or go away and then he can start bashing again. He continues to post, but sparingly in comparison, and primarily using the "good cop" sherman alias to try to gain the confidence of the board.

        Now he hasn't quit bashing. He's just gone on to other boards using different aliases to make his money. It' simply not cost effective for him to try to fight this battle so he'll try to wait it out occasionally using "sherman" posts to further his goal.

        Please do your research, rely on what has happened on this board, and apply your common sense to help formulate your opinion.

        BTW: I sold my GG shares in Oct 07 and have no "dog in the fight" so to speak. The fellow is just so obnoxious that I like to drag him into the light so others can see him for what he is.

    • So why does the freak keep giving his posts 4 stars? Does he think we're so stupid we don't know he's doing that himself? Like he's ever written anything worthwhile.

    • If one was interested, he could go back through the yaya/sherm posts and see common language used in both aliases in their respective postings. This is indicative of the same writer. For example, yaya/sherm uses the term "Dude" frequently in postings under both aliases. There are other similarities in tone and structure. The most obvious similarity is they both start posting at the same time. For example, both started posting late Christmas night. When one appears, so does the other, and in those luxurious periods when one doesn't show up, neither does the other. Separate posters? Mathematically impossible.

    • Ever notice how sherman frequently taunts yaya thereby inviting a response? Unusual behavior for someone who claims disdain for the others opinion. Unless, of course, there's another motive ....

    • Even Sunday morning sherm? Sheesh!

    • No weekends off sherman? Sheesch!

    • Do you know this for a fact!! Or do you have mystical powers that enable you to see who,s posting through your screen!!

    • You're sure keeping yayasherm busy. Look at all them stars! It's a good thing--the more time he spends "starring up" the less time he has to post.

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